Eye-catching identification badges make a statement while identifying your attendees upon arrival at your event.  Custom badge design ideas also enable you to keep track of your audience throughout the event, making them an integral component of every conference, expo, or trade show. 

The problem with many ID badges is that they tend to be flat and dull. Yes, they exist primarily for practical purposes, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be aesthetically pleasing. If you want to level up your event and leave a good impression on your attendees, you need to make all the elements interesting, including your ID badges. 


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Why make a customized badge?

Aside from enhancing your event aesthetics, there are several other reasons why you should create custom badges

Improve your brand awareness

Investing in a custom badge is a great way to increase brand exposure and awareness by introducing guests to your event, while making a lasting impression of your brand personality.  For instance, badges with more color are often associated with creative or playful brands. On the other hand, badges that are predominantly black and white are typically associated with formal, serious, or sophisticated brands. 

Your event is an excellent gateway for potential customers to know your brand better and your badges are a unique way to display it.

Make guests and employees easily identifiable

On top of creating a custom badge for the event in general, you can also create custom badges for specific roles, which then designate your guests, speakers, exhibitors, employees, and sponsors. Doing so will help you and all the attendees identify the role of each person, which, in turn, can enhance the value of your event by facilitating easier connection, communication, and networking. 

Promote a business or a product

If you want to promote your sponsor’s business, product, or service, incorporating their logo in the badge is an effective way to do so. This small, strategic marketing tool can spread the word about your sponsor’s brand and possibly drive conversion rates, which increases their sponsorship ROI, potentially motivating them to sponsor more of your events in the future.

In order for your badge to stand out, you need to be creative and think outside the box for your badge design ideas. Focus on what the theme of your event is all about and translate it to your badge. You can be as imaginative and playful as you want.


Badge design ideas

If you want to take your badge design to a whole new level, take a look at some of our ID badge design ideas that will make your badges unforgettable. 

Incorporating colorful elements

Badges are traditionally made in black and white, and while the color scheme works for some events, it doesn’t work for all. If you want to make your badges pop, add vibrant colors and impactful graphic elements.

Wondering what badge color to use for your custom-made badges? Take a look at some color psychology in branding and marketing:

  • Red: Represents energy, excitement, and passion
  • Orange: Represents action, fun, and playfulness
  • Yellow: Represents warmth, optimism, and cheerfulness
  • Green: Represents balance, health, and sustainability
  • Blue: Represents security, trust, and confidence
  • Purple: Represents wisdom, opulence, and imagination
  • Brown: Represents simplicity, adventure, nature, and the great outdoors
  • Black: Represents luxury, sophistication, and edge
  • White: Represents cleanliness, softness, and timelessness

If you want the full effect, don’t be afraid to mix and match different colors. But to keep it cohesive with your brand’s identity, we suggest getting inspiration from your brand’s logo or social media posts. Doing so will tie everything together and make the badge a reflection of your brand.

Consider a butterfly badge

Another interesting idea to customize your event badges is to consider what’s called a butterfly badge. This is a type of badge that’s printed on an A4 sheet of paper, which you can fold in half and attach to your lanyard. 

Because of its size, you can include more details about the event, such as the program schedule, amenities, venue layout, apps to download, and Wi-Fi passwords.

Besides its size, what’s great about a butterfly badge is that it’s strong and durable. If you have training or physical activities in the program, you can rest assured that this badge will remain intact until the end of the event. 

QR codes and interactive badges

We have come a long way in creating badges and are no longer limited to just printed paper. With the advances in technology, we can now create interactive name badges to enhance the overall event experience. 

Some of the available interactive badge ideas you can explore include QR code badges and augmented reality. 

With these types of badges, you can incorporate gamification elements that will promote audience interaction and drive engagement to a whole new level. One example of gamification is giving away coupons and rewards, which will no doubt make people want to become more involved in your event.

In addition to this, a badge with a QR code will also allow you to streamline the check-in process, make stronger connections, and easily accept post-event surveys.. Integrating a QR code on your event badge is  a great way to obtain valuable attendee information that you can use to improve your future events. 


Other interesting custom badge ideas

If you want more fun and creative ideas when you make badges, take a look at other examples below. 

Play with calligraphy and fonts

Instead of using the traditional sans-serif or Arial fonts, change it up. Play with calligraphy and other interesting typography to make your badges pop. Just make sure that the text remains legible and large enough for everyone to see. 

Explore sustainable badges

If your event has a theme of sustainability, you can represent your commitment to this concept with your badges. Instead of using plastic and paper, try replacing them with recycled materials like reclaimed wood and eco-friendly lanyards.

Try acrylic floating badges

On the other hand, if you’re going for a minimalistic yet striking look, a floating badge made with acrylic is a great name badge design. It’s simple and unique but will no doubt stand out.

Get custom lanyards

Of course, a custom badge is incomplete without its lanyard, so make it just as interesting as the badge. Create a custom lanyard that complements the overall theme, and make it just as creative as the name tag itself. This will tie the whole look together and add a modern flair to your show.


Create a custom badge design with Expo Logic

Print custom badges on-demand with the help of Expologic. We have a simple and effective custom badge printing solution that can add value to your event. Because we understand that every brand and event is different, we offer a diverse range of badge styles to fit your requirements. Our badge designer will work alongside you to determine the best solution for your event. Whether that’s incorporating color, printing a butterfly badge, creating a QR code, or something else entirely, we’ll be with you every step of the way and guarantee that all your attendees will leave with a good lasting impression. Get our badge printing services today and elevate your next event!

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