How Is Your Event ROI Impacted By Event Technology?

This free resource explores what over 200 of the industry’s top minds had to say about event technology's impact on ROI.

In this guide, you’ll learn how:


Event technology has impacted event planners' ROI.

BizBash and Expo Logic surveyed 200 of the industry’s top minds to gauge event technology’s impact on the bottom line—namely ROI.


Event planners plan to tackle on-going industry challenges.

The industry still clings dearly to its humanity while struggling with the ever-present challenge of doing more with less.


To improve your event’s ROI with event technology.

Event technology plays a role in achieving a higher ROI for event planners, attendees, and exhibitors alike.


Organizations plan to spend their event budget in 2023.

With so much uncertainty looming, discover event planners' expectations and concerns.

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