Event Check-in Ideas to Create an Impressive Experience

Expo Logic Team

December 14, 2018

    A fast, easy, and seamless check-in experience is paramount to making a great first impression on your event attendees. A pleasant experience at check-in can stay with your attendees throughout the event and set the tone for what to expect.

    To make your event planning process a little easier, here are 10 tips to help you create the best on-site registration experience that will wow attendees.

    1. Know before you go – This first tip isn’t for on-site registration but notifying your attendees about things before your event even begins. To ease the on-site check-in process, send an email to attendees a few days before the event starts including their registration confirmation and details about how to check-in when they arrive. Make it even easier by including a QR code that they can scan for expedited check-in.
    2. Open concept design – Design your registration area with an open layout in mind. Create an area where attendees have space to check-in and enough room to queue up if necessary. Consider the number of attendees and the registration process when creating your registration layout to maximize use of the space.
    3. Make room – Think about the equipment you will be using when planning your registration area. This includes making sure counters used for check-in are large enough to fit equipment like badge printers and check-in stations. To avoid any issues with Wi-Fi or interruptions at registration, always plan to have enough hard-wired internet connections for each area.
    4. Speed things up – Offer expedited check-in, like Expo Logic’s ExpressPass check-in stations, to allow attendees to print their badge themselves quickly and efficiently. Attendees scan the barcode included in their email confirmation at the self-service station and their badge is printed automatically. This technology integrates directly with your registration platform to update check-in times and status in real-time.
    5. Smile for the camera – Attendees can opt in to provide a photo during registration and are recognized by cameras at check-in. The attendee verifies the record identified is theirs and their badge is printed automatically. This exciting tech provides a personalized experience for attendees and is fun to try!
    6. Give them the details – Include personalized information and event details right on the badge. Add details like the Wi-Fi password and social media hashtag on the badge so it is easily found by attendees. You can also customize badges by changing the information printed based on attendee information or registration types. For example, include an icon of a bow tie on the front of the badge for attendees that have a ticket for the opening reception.
    7. Make a cheat sheet – Remember, knowledge is power! Create a FAQ sheet for your registration staff so they can help attendees with questions about your event. This FAQ could include information like session locations, schedule information, and emergency contacts.
    8. Swag on the side – Keep welcome bags and other attendee swag away from the badge-printing area at registration. This will help avoid congestion at check-in or attendees waiting in long lines. This goes for ribbons, too. Have a dedicated ribbon table or ribbon stand in a separate area from registration and direct attendees here as they check-in.
    9. Lanyard tree placement – Get attendees through check-in and on their way to the event by keeping lanyards available within reach when they receive their badge. Consider using lanyard trees attached to the check-in station so they are easy for attendees to grab.
    10. Signs lead the way – Make it easy for attendees to find their way when they arrive with clear signage throughout the registration area. Use large signs and event maps to identify on-site registration, self-service check-in, attendee bag pick-up, and other areas to keep people moving in the right direction and get them on the floor faster.

    On-site registration is one of the many important aspects of your event and its success. We hope these tips help you create an impressive and exciting experience for attendees next time they check-in.

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