Event Management Solutions

Plan, manage, and track your event with Expo Logic.

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Online Registration

Make registration as simple or as complex as you need. Easily create a personalized and branded online registration experience that fits your event.

Lead Retrieval

Connect, scan, and generate leads more quickly. Digitize lead retrieval to create a better exhibitor experience that maximizes their ROI and more.

Exhibitor Management

Streamline exhibition planning. Save time with tools made to organize the registration, payment, and assets of event exhibitors and stakeholders.

Floorplan Management

Make and manage a plan for your unique event space. Save staff time with interactive floorplans that help with expo hall layout and drive exhibitor sales.

Attendee Tracking

Follow your attendees' journey. Manage and control session access, award CEUs, and gain valuable insight into how attendees move through your event.

Badge Printing

Deliver high-quality branded badges during check-in. Empower your attendees to easily check-in and efficiently print their own badges at your event.

Onsite Event Check-In

Make event check-in more efficient for staff and attendees. Eliminate long lines and take the attendee check-in experience from minutes to seconds.


Event Management Solutions

Plan, manage, and track your event with Expo Logic.

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Online Registration
  • Personalized registration
  • Individual/group registrations
  • Mobile responsiveness
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Onsite Event Check-in
  • Real-time badge printing
  • Easy integration
  • Badge options
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Attendee Tracking
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Attendance verification
  • CE credit awards
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Expo Management
  • Lead retrieval
  • Exhibitor management


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