Online Event Registration

Make a great first impression with event registration.

Your attendee’s experience starts with registration. Avoid the frustrations for both staff and attendees while streamlining your event registration process with Expo Logic’s EventReg solution.

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Why Expo Logic

Simplify the event registration process for everyone.

Easily collect and manage event registrations while providing a user-friendly registration platform for your attendees.

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Create a unique experience

Design personalized online registration experiences based on attendee demographics and areas of interest. Keep your brand front and center with your registration page matching your brand identity.

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Offer an easier process for attendees and staff

Simplify the flow of your registration while decreasing the time spent on issues and questions from attendees. Easy registration can lead to increased revenue and less registration abandonment.

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Make data-backed decisions

Gain a deeper understanding of your event’s success with registration data and metrics that provide actionable insight with exportable reports and real-time analytics.

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Combine technology and resources

Enhance the attendee experience with Expo Logic’s full suite of event solutions and services, and integration options for your existing systems.


Enjoy event registration designed to fit your needs.

Managing your event’s registration should be easy. Expo Logic EventReg empowers your team to kick-off your event with the best first impression with an intuitive, powerful event registration platform that captures the right data and simplifies registration.


Personalized Registration Experiences

Create registration that speaks to your attendees.

Create a personalized registration experience for attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. Single-sign-on and membership discounts can be provided for most AMS and CRM systems.


Multiple registration options

Drive demand early.

Provide multiple registration options to help drive more attendees and revenue while staying on top of totals for logistics and budget planning.

Create an inquiry page to utilize during and after your event by capturing interest for future events from attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors.

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Mobile Responsiveness

Offer flexible registration, no matter the device.

With over 50% of web browsing done on mobile devices, allow attendees to easily register from any device they choose. Use our mobile responsive online registration to give attendees a simple and effective user experience.

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Attendee Portal

Empower attendees through self-service.

Save your staff time by providing your attendees with a self-service portal to view their event confirmation, print receipts, update their profile, view FAQs, and more.

Features Overview

Get more out of your event with online event registration.

  • Multi-ticket types and price tiers
  • Customizable email confirmations
  • Event registration website design and branding
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Integration for easy onsite self-registration or badges
  • Real-time membership verification
  • Quick, secure credit card processing
  • Self-service portal and event inquiry page

Kick off your event with the best first impression.

Elevate your online registration process to make event management easier for you and more personal for your attendees.

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