11 Ways to Perfect Your Registration Area Layout

Expo Logic Team

September 26, 2013


    Registration is the first step in a successful trade show event. Because attendees must register before they participate in your show, be sure to make the event registration process as seamless as possible. As you plan for your next event, it’s important to dedicate time to the physical layout of your registration area. To spare yourself and your staff from confusion and a heavy workload, consider how many attendees you expect and use these 11 tips to make your registration area simple and effective:

    • Have enough space for anticipated lines
    • Note from what direction the majority of the crowd will be entering the registration area and plan accordingly
    • If you’re using stanchions, don’t make them a maze
    • Have the badge holder pick up and bag pick up away from the badge printing area, preferably at another counter, at least 20 yards away from the main registration desk and towards the registration area exit or the show entrance
    • Have a designated membership counter/help desk for event specific questions as opposed to crowding up the badge printing/on-site registration desk
    • Have separate counters with on-site registration forms away from the registration desk, so on-site registration processing is not delayed with people filling out forms at the desk
    • Provide big, clear signage so attendees know which counter to go to: pre-registered, on-site registration, exhibitor registration etc.
    • Have the registration hours listed in numerous places in the registration area
    • Have staff or temps out front managing the lines and helping people get to the right counter
    • Make self check-in stations for pre-registered attendees the first stop at registration. It’s better to have the crowd directed to the self check-in counter first for your attendees who have pre-registered
    • Consider the location of your internet and electrical connections when laying out the registration area

    By applying these timesaving tools to your registration layout, you create an efficient trade show registration process and keep your attendees happy. Registration doesn’t have to be hectic. Simple planning and a great layout will get everyone through registration and on to your show. If you are interested in more tradeshow solutions for your next event, contact us to find out more information.

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