3 Benefits to Using Expo Logic’s Badge Printing Integration badge[on]demand™

When planning each aspect of your event, it is important to remember to make a great first impression when as attendees arrive starting at registration and check-in.

Expo Logic’s badge printing solution, badge[on]demand™, creates a streamlined check-in experience for attendees and makes managing registration for the event organizer a breeze.

Badge[on]demand integrates directly with your AMS, CRM, or registration system allowing you to manage your event’s registration within your own system while providing a simple way to print badges at your event. Expo Logic integrates with over 40 registration systems making it easy to use this solution at your events.

Badge[on]demand™ works with your system using a unique piece of code provided to your that renders a badge on demand button. This allows you to print badges and tickets instantly from your registration system. By using Expo Logic’s badge[on]demand™ integration, all registration data is kept in your system throughout the entire event with real-time reporting.

Here are some benefits to using badge[on]demand for your next event:

  • Badge[on]demand integrates directly with your registration system in real-time, allowing you to keep registration open throughout the event and eliminating the need to merge data
  • Printing badges on-site with badge[on]demand takes only a few seconds and pre-printing or pre-mailing badges is no longer necessary. This will help to cut down on wasted time, money, and supplies. You can also link tickets to badges so attendees will receive everything they need at the same time.
  • Badges are printed with a professional look using badge[on]demand. Regardless of the number of attendees, badges are printed consistently each time.

Using badge[on]demand with Expo Logic’s on-site check-in solution, ExpressPass™, is the perfect solution to printing badges on-site directly from your registration records. ExpressPass™ self-service check-in stations allow pre-registered attendees to check-in to your event using their barcode confirmation.

ExpressPass™ stations can be used at small or large events, handling high volume registration with ease. Here is how ExpressPass™ works: Prior to the event, pre-registered attendees receive an email confirmation that contains a barcode. Once the attendee arrives on-site, they use their barcode confirmation at any ExpressPass™ station to find their registration record and print their badge. The barcode can be scanned or the registrant can search their name to receive their badge at the check-in station.

Here are some of the benefits to using Expo Logic’s ExpressPass™ stations for your event’s on-site check-in:

  • ExpressPass™ stations allow attendees to check-in on their own in a matter of seconds eliminating waiting in long lines at registration.
  • ExpressPass™ lets you send a barcode confirmation to attendees before the event helping to expediate the process of receiving their badge when they arrive.
  • All attendee data remains in your registration system so you can view it at any time.
  • Self-service check-in stations let you focus on greeting your attendees and answering their questions, allowing you to provide better customer service and a more delightful on-site experience.

Expo Logic’s badge[on]demand™ integration and ExpressPass™ solutions are seamless and efficient ways to manage event registrations in your own system and print badges on-site. Consider using these solutions to ensure your attendees have a seamless registration experience and to help achieve a successful event.

Are you interested in learning more about this technology and how it can maximize your AMS or registration system? Contact us today!

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