5 Ways to Perfect Your Event’s First Impression

Expo Logic Team

June 11, 2015

    They say a person never has a second chance to make a first impression. That’s certainly true of events as well. The thing is, your attendees may have very different experiences when they arrive at your event. Some might have their first encounter with the event when they register online and others on-site. Making the best possible impression comes down to picturing yourself as one of your customers – throughout every part of your event planning – and envisioning each touch point as an opportunity to provide an incredible experience.

    By following our 5 suggestions below, you’ll position your event to excel from the very beginning. These tips are listed in no particular order. After all, when it comes to first impressions, none of these areas should be considered least important.

    1. FLOOR PLANS SHOULDN’T SEEM LIKE A MAZE: It seems so basic, but an event’s floor plan can mean everything to attendees who desire ease of navigation, convenience, and accessibility to services. While floor planning is vitally important, you shouldn’t over think it. Simplicity is always best. Traffic flow should lead from registration to the exhibit hall and meeting rooms. Restrooms, concessions and business services should be readily identifiable and accessible. No one should have to ask more than a single question to get them to their destination. The layout of your event should be clear and it should make sense.

    2. GIVE THEM A SIGN: Supporting your flawless floor plan should be a solid signage plan. Direction and instruction is everything when it comes to making a great impression on exhibitors and attendees. We suggest making sure that your event signage is abundant, simple, visible and clear. The fewer words, the better. People need to be able to read signs while they’re in motion, so they can continue navigating your event. A lost attendee is an unhappy attendee. Nothing will tarnish the reputation of your event quite like a bevy of confused attendees aimlessly wandering around the venue.

    3. LEND A HELPING HAND: Most event producers have to rely on temporary staff to help them manage various event-related tasks. While temporary staffers are not part of the management team, attendees and exhibitors don’t know the difference and can’t make the distinction between the person in front of them and the folks who run the event. Our recommendation is to be sure that every single person representing your organization and event knows your values and puts the attendees first. In an ideal situation, the temporary staff members are trained prior to the start of the event. Cross training is also recommended so that anyone on the floor can offer assistance if need be. Every staff member – temporary or permanent – should be knowledgeable enough to perform multiple facets included in staffing the event.

    4. MAKE SURE YOUR EQUIPMENT IS UP AND RUNNING: In our high-tech society, people expect technology to work night and day, and at the snap of their fingers. They want operational Wi-Fi. They expect ExpressPass stations and printers to function as they should. Testing your equipment before your attendees arrive is something that should be a standard act at every event. We also recommend preparing back-up equipment on-site if something should go awry. You can never over-prepare for an emergency.

    5MAKE BADGE PRINTING SIMPLE WITH badge[on]demand: By purchasing our badge[on]demand license for your events, you are providing your attendees with the simplest way to print their badges and tickets. Along with badge[on]demand comes our ExpressPass stations which are self-serve badge and ticket printing kiosks. This means that your attendees won’t be waiting in line to check-in, and you won’t have to wait to handle on-site registrations and edits within your registration system after the event. With badge[on]demand you can print badges from within your registration system, and you have the ability to make any edits and additions while on-site. It’s a win-win for you and your attendees!

    At Expo Logic, we share your passion for making an excellent first impression. We can assist in the planning of any and all of the areas listed above. Together, let’s ensure that everyone attending your event has the best possible experience, beginning with the first impression.

    Contact us if you would like more information on how Expo Logic can provide registration services and badge-printing.

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