6 Ways to Promote Your Next Event

Expo Logic Team

February 14, 2017

    Looking for new and fresh ways to market your next event? Give these strategies a try! They are sure to increase attendance and engagement.

    1. Create a Video Highlight Reel

    Prospective attendees like to see what an event is all about before committing. One great way to show them is with a promotional video. You can use a promo video to highlight last year’s event, showcase new aspects of your event and provide information about the event location (like city tourist spots etc.).

    It’s like a movie trailer for your upcoming blockbuster event!

    Plus, people like watching videos more than reading text. A recent survey found that 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text.  The survey also revealed that 64% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.

    This proves that videos are a powerful tool to convert prospects into attendees.

    2. Share Testimonials

    In addition to a promotional video, testimonials are a highly effective way to encourage people to attend. When you complete your event and send out a survey, ask attendees if they would be interested in giving a testimonial. You’ll be surprised how many will say yes! Set up a time to film them talking about the positive experience they had at your event and publish it to your website. People who see these positive testimonials will be more likely attend next year.

    3. Content, content, content

    Did we mention content? The content of your event is the reason most people are attending so it’s important to have this information front and center in your marketing messages.

    Just as important is focusing on content that is meaningful to your attendee base. Your attendees know what they want to see and learn at your event. Listen to their feedback and even crowdsource new ideas from them. Use the information you gather to create content and presentations that address their interests.

    4. Make it Share Worthy

    Post about the event to your blog or other industry websites and include share links. Empower your followers on social media to share information about your event. You can even reward their sharing behavior with giveaways and prizes.

    Simple ways to create shareworthy content include:
    • Adding share buttons on the registration checkout page with a message like, I’m going to XYZ event on [date] in [location]. Join me and learn more about [something about your event education here];
    • Activate exhibitors to market your event by giving them messages to send to their clients and prospects. For example, We will be exhibiting at [event] and would like you to come stop by and see us at booth;
    • Send out social media messages each day about one topic or speaker coming to your event. This steady stream of messaging with increase awareness and keep our event top of mind for your prospects.

    5. Use PPC and Facebook ads

    Pay Per Click advertising is a quick and easy way to boost the visibility of your event when you align it with popular keyword search terms. For instance, if your event is about Sea Exploration Science, then you will want to use the Google Keyword Planner to find what keywords best align with your event.

    Once you have those, build a campaign around those terms and drive traffic to your event website. This way anyone searching for things like, how to explore the sea, will be led right to your event site.

    If your attendee base is made up of active Facebook users then chances are you can get more like minded people to your event by marketing there too.

    6. Email Marketing

    Email sounds like a traditional form of communication, but email is actually still the best way to reach your prospects.

    According to a recent study, email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and twitter. 91% of customers check email everyday making it the most used communication.

    So keep focusing on email marketing to promote your event and also look for ways to grow your list to include prospects!

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