How to Create a Secure Conference Check-in Process

Checking into your event is the first thing your attendees do upon arrival. Enhancing your check-in process will help improve security, making you and your guests feel safer throughout the event.  An efficient and secure check-in process shows your attendees you care and sets the tone for the rest of your conference. Take steps to maximize your attendees’ event experience.

Know the Common Security Concerns

Anticipating safety concerns is key to planning a safe event. In general, potential threats include:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Weather risks or natural disasters
  • Physical and verbal altercations
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Major incidents

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Inform Attendees of Check-In Details

People want to know where they need to be and when. As another benefit, providing that information will make your check-in process more seamless and secure. Send an email or message before your conference with details about check-in. You should include:

  • Check-in location
  • Directions, especially if your check-in is not at the building’s main entrance
  • Hours for check-in
  • What they need to enter the event
  • Information about prohibited items and accepted bag dimensions

Sharing the most important details before the event allows your attendees to prepare for a fast check-in process with fewer security issues.

Give Badges Before the Event or Make Them Self-Serve

Waiting for event staff to hand out badges at check-in can lead to employees lining up and waiting for extended periods. Therefore, to prevent bottlenecks by providing nametags in advance. Consider:

  • Mailing them to attendees
  • Allowing guests to print badges at home
  • Make them entirely virtual

Still, sending badges may cause issues for guests who never receive theirs, lose the badges or forget them at home. One solution that keeps check-in fast and prevents those problems involves self-serve, contactless check-in kiosks. Your guests can enter their information, prompting the machine to print their nametag. This process can help decrease congregation and make the check-in faster.

Consider Staggered Arrivals

Staggered arrivals are beneficial for numerous reasons, from minimizing health risks to eliminating congestion. You can use a registration link or an event app to allow attendees to sign up for an arrival time in smaller groups. You could even ask guests to consider signing up for arrival times with people they know, such as fellow employees or group members.

Do Things In Advance

Have your attendees register online, if possible. You can also send the items you would give them once they arrive. Mail or email:

  • Forms
  • Questionnaires
  • Surveys
  • Worksheets
  • Guides
  • Directories
  • Programs

Notify guests in advance if they need to bring anything specific, such as a mask, proof of COVID-19 vaccination, pen and paper or identification. By gathering information early and sending guests everything they need, all the guests need to do is sign in and go to their seats.

Optimize the Secure Check-In Area

Optimize the check-in area to maximize security at your event. Thus, consider the event venue — is your event indoors or outside? What’s the room size? Is there a lobby?

Ideally, your check-in should be somewhere near the venue’s entrance. You will also want to consider the check-in size and layout — choose a larger area with a smooth flow of traffic that allows people to sign in and get to where they need to go easily.

Make it easy to navigate lines with signs or ropes. If you incorporate bag checks — and you should — make them as efficient as possible. Keep these stations near the building’s entrance and ensure easy movement from one to another to use your check-in space to your advantage.

Invest in a Contactless and Secure Check-In Process App

Contactless check-in processes make it easy for attendees to sign in without security concerns. There are no lines or waiting around because guests can scan their tickets on the spot using a mobile app, collect their badges and head onwards.

Most event apps allow attendees to upload all necessary information. Once they arrive on-site, your staff or a contactless kiosk scans the barcode and marks the guest present. Therefore, secure check-in apps, you can delegate your team elsewhere, keep attendees moving and prevent chaos and long lines.

Improve the Conference Check-In Process With Expo Logic Solutions

At Expo Logic, we want to help you create a secure check-in experience for your next conference or event. Whether you run a trade show, an association or a corporate event, our event management tools will make the process more efficient. Contact us today to learn more about our contactless event check-in process solutions! To see our products in action, schedule a demo with an event solutions specialist.

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