How to Personalize Event Experiences


Expo Logic Team

November 14, 2013

    At Expo Logic, we are expanding our reach and providing trade show solutions at events around the country.

    We receive a lot of inquiries about our travel limitations and if we are willing to travel to the West Coast since we are an East Coast company. We’ve traveled as close as Philadelphia, and as far as Hawaii.

    If Expo Logic had an online dating profile, traveling, beaches, warm weather, new locations, new people, mountains, and new scenery would be at the top of the list.


    Here are some of our staff’s favorite spots they have traveled to in 2013 as well as the most interesting place:

    Dave: Favorite: Seattle

    Joe: Favorite: Orlando | Most Interesting: Denver

    Patrick: Favorite: Pittsburgh | Most Interesting: Las Vegas

    Marge: Favorite and Most Interesting: Sevierville, TN

    Kelly: Favorite: Orlando | Most Interesting: Las Vegas

    Scott: Favorite: San Francisco | Most Interesting: Seattle

    Keep up with us at Expo Logic. Contact us today for information on the ways we can make your next trade show the best one yet.

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