I Saw The Sign: The Importance of Event Signage

Expo Logic Team

September 12, 2013

    There are many details to keep in mind when you are planning an event. From brochures, to session schedules, to event apps, the list can seem endless. However, good organization, time management, and the right people to help you can make the planning process much simpler.

    One important part of an event or trade show is the signage. There is a good chance your event will be scattered throughout numerous rooms, with trade show registration at one end of a building, and the trade show floor at the other end. Signs that answer frequently asked questions like where an attendee can find their badge can keep productivity high and confusion to a minimum.

    Why is signage important during event operations?

    It’s important to have signage letting your attendees and exhibitors know where things are, when they begin, and who has access to what. It’s also important to label where certain rooms are located, so your attendees can easily find their classrooms and won’t be late for a session.

    Some of the most popular questions can be answered with a sign.

    Take a look at these sign suggestions for your next trade show:

    • Which way to the hotel?
    • Which way to the exhibit floor?
    • What time can I get on the show floor?
    • Is this where I pick up my badge?
    • Where is the help desk?
    • Where are exhibitor services?
    • What time does registration close?
    • When do I have to have my booth set up?
    • Where can I get a cab?
    • Where is this room located?

    Having questions like these answered by signs in numerous places, and listed throughout your program guide or event app will keep your event organized, on schedule, and your attendees happy. If you are interested in more information, contact us to find out options for your next event.


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