New Event Technologies Increase Security

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Recent advancements in event technology offer increased security and peace of mind for your attendees. Your attendee’s safety is always a top priority when planning your event so to help you through the process, here are a few technologies you can employ at your next event.

Event Badges

Take your event badge security one step further by taking a photo of an attendee when they check-in and adding the image to their badge. Our client, Anne Holland Ventures Inc., uses this advanced technology at their event in Las Vegas to increase security and help event staff identify attendees faster. Having the attendee’s photo taken at check-in and then printed on the badge eliminates the need for staff to verify identity with a photo ID at points of entry and helps speed up the check-in process.

It is common to have an attendee lose their badge or leave it in their hotel room when they return for the second day of the conference and event organizers are familiar with the safety concern associated with badge reprints. To cut down on attendees swapping badges or getting in for free, use a badge printing solution that can disable the original badge immediately after a reprint is created.

Face Recognition for Attendee Check-In

Another element of security technology you can incorporate is face recognition for attendee check-in. Expo Logic uses this technology with our clients to add an exciting, personalized element to check-in but also to elevate security at their events. With face recognition technology, attendees are recognized by a camera at the registration kiosk as they approach, and their badge is printed instantly. This innovative technology is being used at airports to increase security and for the same reason, this technology can help enhance security at events. The photo taken at the registration kiosk is compared to a photo already on file to verify the person checking in is, in fact, the correct attendee. With face recognition technology, event security is elevated from the moment the attendee arrives and the show organizer can be confident in the safety of their event.


Recent advancements in robotics technology have created new security opportunities for events. Robotics can help increase security coverage at events with technology that fills in the gaps of human security, like seeing in the dark or sensing and responding to environmental changes, abandoned packages and more. Security robots, like K3 made by Knightscope, can be used to help existing security elements operate more efficiently and provide additional protection. The robot patrols an area scanning for unusual objects or other security threats to increase safety. Security robots like K3 are a great way to incorporate security technology at your event that is not only useful, but interesting to your attendees.

Access Control and Attendee Tracking

Technology such as RFID tracking is a trusted solution for access control at events. RFID chips or RFID cards can be attached to an attendee’s badge and used to let them in and out of the event venue. Using technology to enhance access control at your event can help to eliminate the element of human error and will increase the safety overall. RFID tracking allows event staff to easily identify if an attendee can access the venue, an evening reception event, or even a specific session.

Implementing technology to track your attendee’s through the event is an easy way to enhance security. Technology like beacons or Bluetooth provide heatmaps that allow the event organizer to see where attendees are moving throughout the event and analyze their behavior. This can help to identify areas where additional security patrols may be needed or help identify potential security threats.


Advanced simulator technology can be used as an additional method of security leading up to your event. Event organizers can create simulations of the event flow and attendee traffic and plan in case of an emergency. InControl Simulation Solutions is working with event planners to prepare for different scenarios, create evacuation plans, identify areas where security is needed, and more.

Event App

A simple way to incorporate security technology is to utilize tech already being used at your event. For example, your event app can be used to send mobile notifications to attendees and alert them of emergencies. You can also create a section in your event app for security and provide a list of local hospitals, police stations, etc. and their contact information so it is easy to find. Remember to also clearly identify where attendees can go or who they can contact to report a threat or issue while at the event.

When choosing security technology for your event, remember to focus on the attendee experience. Select elements of technology that enhance security and make the attendee feel safer but do not cause undue burden. The security technology you choose for your event should complement the operations you already have in place.

Photo credit: K3 by Knightscope 

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