New Site Launch for Expo Logic

When making decisions about what products and services your business will incorporate this year, you deserve a brand whose message is clear and concise. We understand your time is valuable. The new site launch for Expo Logic has incorporated a refreshed brand through a dynamic new site that more effectively represents the benefits of its technology for onsite events.

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New Site Launch for Expo Logic – What’s new?

Our new site launch for Expo Logic encompasses a user-friendly website that features a persuasive brand voice, comprehensible content, revamped product visuals, easy-to-use navigation, robust resource center, clear calls-to-actions and interactive elements. Our message is simple, enabling you to focus on creating meaningful experiences for your attendees.

Expo Logic Logos

Get Familiar With Our Design and Navigation

New year, new brand! At Expo Logic, our experts continually enhance our in-person event technology to stay relevant to the current industry and want our look to reflect this commitment.

Logo – The new Expo Logic logo expresses the legacy brand’s evolution to a sleek, modernized design to strengthen appeal but stays true to maintaining its core assets.

Aesthetic – Our new site launch incorporates custom illustrations with an extended vivid color pallet while keeping the brand’s recognizable primary color, purple.

Product Pages – Expo Logic’s product offerings for online registration, onsite event check-in, attendee tracking and expo management are now housed on individualized pages to quickly identify your specific needs.

Obtain Insights From Our Event Resource Center

Educate yourself on industry news and tips to increase your company’s return on investment (ROI) or discover Expo Logic’s latest updates and successes on our Event Resources page.

Blogs – Each week, Expo Logic has started publishing weekly blogs to help keep our readers informed on the most recent trends. Don’t miss out on our next blog by subscribing to our email list at the top of the blog page.

Whitepapers – Whether you’re looking for an innovative way to engage attendees or just want to improve their overall experience, our whitepapers will guide your team to success. Download our newest whitepaper, 2022 Event Technology Trends, to prepare for this year’s onsite events.

Case Studies – Through our case studies, learn how we’ve helped other notable organizations simplify their event logistics with Expo Logic.

Webinars – Make sure to look out for on-demand webinars coming this year. Sit back with our team and view our current webinars as they go over key insights.

Connect With Our Team of Event Experts

Our team can answer all your questions regarding registration check-in, badge printing and more for your conference, meeting or trade show.

Live Demos – Each month, Expo Logic will host live group demos for anyone to attend. Don’t have time to join us or have questions specific to your company’s needs? Sign up any time by filling out our user-friendly forms to have one of our tech-talk experts contact you at your convenience.

Client Support – Get immediate client support by logging into your curated reports to access event data to analyze with your team.

Monthly Updates – Stay in the know about Expo Logic’s latest improvements and resources by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.


Why Expo Logic?

Expo Logic creates meaningful event experiences through our technology and services to minimize your pre-planning workload and save your staff time onsite. We help associations, corporations and trade shows run their event smoothly to eliminate obstacles when organizing a dynamic event.

Why Expo Logic is their trusted partner? Building on decades of experience spent listening to our clients, Expo Logic continuously develops our products to meet the unique goals of each event. We are here for our clients during their pre-planning phase to follow up after the event’s completion.

We offer our clients an opportunity to use products that are easy to learn and reduce event operations burdens. Our products, such as Badge[On]Demand, easily integrate with all major CRM and AMS databases allowing access to your data. If an attendee needs to make an update to their contact information while onsite, our integration flexibility will enable registrants to make updates in real-time. Our exhibitors can effortlessly access data and metrics from their onsite leads through a personal portal and transfer them back to other systems for follow-up when using our lead retrievals.

Expo Logic provides all our clients with an appointed Account Manager as their primary point of contact for all project details. Our product professionals are always available via online meetings to review all processes and determine best practices and knowledge needed to ensure the highest quality user experience.


How Expo Logic Is Just One Solution?

Deliver more value to your attendees, sponsors and organization with our other event technology solutions and services. Expo Logic is just one solution in our connected network, built to work well together whether you are using one piece or the entire stack of solutions.

Visit our Solutions page to view our other event technology brands. Our technology experts are ready to assist you in expanding upon your attendee experience. If your organization wants to enhance attendee learning, we have solutions to award continuing education credits, speaker management and more. Need to add a virtual component to your event? We’ll get you in touch with the most beneficial digital engagement solution.

Let’s start the year off right by using a product that simplifies the process of executing and hosting your in-person events. We’re excited to introduce you to Expo Logic’s fresh new look, and we wish to thank you for being a part of our journey. If you want to know more about Expo Logic’s products, pricing and services? Visit our new site or fill out our form on our Contact Us page.

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