Onsite Event Technology Eliminates the Manual Effort

Marilena De Niear

November 10, 2022

    Effective event management requires an enormous amount of effort. So why not explore available onsite event technology upgrades that were specially developed to make your life — and work — that much easier? 

    Taking the manual effort out of event logistics is trending and should be top of mind when you start planning your next big event. 

    By sourcing event tech that offers end-to-end solutions, you’ll not only save time and streamline efforts; you’ll maximize your budget, too. 

    All of these behind-the-scenes benefits amount to an enhanced attendee experience. 

    As summarized by the Open Water Blog, “Event technology streamlines your event while making it simpler for both your attendees and staff to manage the event before it begins and as it unfolds.”

    Why, for instance, would you still bother to hand out badges when you can empower your attendees to check themselves into your event? 

    Again, saving you time, money, and staffing, while putting them in control of their own program. 

    Check out how event tech, specifically onsite event technology upgrades, can help take the considerable manual effort out of event logistics before you start planning your next event…


    Set the record for fastest event check-in.

    No more digging through bins to find preprinted badges, no more awkward conversations with staff, no more waiting in uncomfortably long check-in lines. Help attendees easily check in all by themselves and get to the good stuff safely – without all the congestion.


    Take your best shot with online event registration

    You know the expression, “You only get one shot at a great first impression.” 

    Well, with event tech, like online event registration, making a great first impression is all but guaranteed. 

    By providing an online and user-friendly registration platform for attendees, you will lighten the manual workload for your staff, while simultaneously delighting attendees by:

    Creating a unique experience 

    By designing personalized online registration experiences, according to your attendee demographics, you position your brand identity at the forefront of your registration page.

    Supporting both attendees and staff with an easier process 

    Make registration easy by putting it online to streamline the entire process. This will decrease time spent on repetitive questions from attendees or on troubleshooting registration issues. (Side note: Online event registration can actually result in increased revenue and decreased registration abandonment. Just food for thought… )

    Making data-driven decisions

    Accurately evaluate your event’s success by accessing registration data and metrics. This should give you actionable insight to leverage for future event planning, including exportable reports and real-time metrics.


    Go contactless with event check-in onsite event technology 

    Event management has come a long way in recent years, which has innovated old-school paper and printing processes. Take badge printing, for example. 

    No longer are you restricted by the process of printing and handing out lanyard badges to your attendees. Rather, you can give them the opportunity to print their own badges, taking the entire check-in process from minutes to seconds. 

    Between saving on materials, staffing, and time you support your team with innovation while creating a memorable experience for your attendees right out of the gate — quite literally. Not only will you spare your attendees the frustration of waiting in long lines, you’ll free up your staff to attend to other on-site tasks. 

    Expo Logic’s ExpressPass and Badge [On] Demand software allows attendees to simply check themselves in by scanning a QR code, keeping the check-in process contactless from start to finish. 

    Given that contactless continues to be an attendee expectation, implementing event tech like check-in software will signal your serious commitment to public health and safety. Scoring you even more points with all event stakeholders, including your staff. 


    There were never any lines [at check-in]! Participants found the kiosks easy to use. Our staff was freed up at the registration desk to help with questions and greet attendees. The badge printing software made it easy to create tickets for events that required pre-registration, and it integrated so well with our association management system.” 

    — Laura Nelson, Senior Education Manager for the Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners 


    Analyze real-time metrics with attendee tracking software

    Event tech has evolved to include attendee tracking capabilities. This gives event managers invaluable insight into what is and is not working at their event. 

    The ability to monitor attendee activity means that you can quickly evaluate the sessions that attendees love.  As well as what the beloved content they can’t get enough of. 

    With this information, specifically attendance tracking and the duration an attendee stays in a session, you can accurately and quickly award CEUs, which will delight your attendees. 

    Not only does attendee tracking software seriously reduce the manual efforts required of your team, it also makes your entire event more convenient for attendees. 

    By using a badge scanning app, like Expo Logic’s TrackPod, you can even restrict unregistered attendees from attending those sessions that require an additional entrance fee. 


    Leverage the leading lead retrieval capabilities at your next event

    So far, we’ve covered how innovative event tech can minimize the manual effort required of event planners to manage event logistics. 

    With lead retrieval solutions, you can include exhibitors and sponsors in these benefits. By providing them with access to advanced lead retrieval solutions, your exhibitors leverage additional opportunities to connect with more actionable leads in your attendee population. 

    Event tech that supports multiple lead retrieval solutions makes it possible — and easy! —  for exhibitors to digitally gather attendee contact information in order to access optimal leads. 

    The more leads they can connect with, the more value they will see and realize from your event. 

    In fact, your sponsors can even customize surveys or create multiple surveys with various criteria in order to better qualify leads. 

    Returning to the topic of minimizing manual effort, Expo Logic’s lead retrieval solutions allow sponsors and exhibitors to add notes to each scanned lead by accessing our mobile app, LeadPod Pro. This eliminates the need to physically keep notes on each attendee. 

    Once stored, sponsors and exhibitors can use the same LeadPod Pro app to immediately follow up with leads via a phone call, text or email, establishing and nurturing new relationships right away. 


    Quite simply, we would not be able to organize the conference without the assistance of Expo Logic’s products and skilled personnel.” 

    — Frank Zimone, Executive Director at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 


    Minimize manual effort while maximizing event ROI

    Reducing the amount of manual effort required to manage your next event not only saves your staff time by streamlining processes, it also provides you with the chance and capability to maximize event revenue. 

    By using expo management tools, like Expo Logic’s LeadPod Pro and LeadKey you provide exhibitors with actionable metrics and enhanced onsite connectivity to optimal leads. 

    In addition, using exhibitor and floorplan management platforms, like Expo Logic’s GoExpo saves your team time and effort when it comes to managing the event’s floor plan, which makes organizing booth assets easier than ever before. 


    Using GoExpo increased revenue by 169% for the first year we used it and has steadily scaled since then.” 

    — National Shooting Sports Foundation / ConvExx


    Increase your ROI with event technology

    All of these onsite technology upgrades help minimize your manual efforts while maximizing event revenue in the process. The result is an experience that exceeds everyone’s expectations while making event logistics easier for event managers. Ready to empower your next event with onsite technology upgrades that will elevate the experience for your attendees, while minimizing your manual efforts?

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