Tips for Event Speaker Management

Expo Logic Team

October 25, 2012


    Speaker management is one of event organizers’ most important tasks. Event management software companies, like Expo Logic, offer technological assistance to keep you organized and prepared to tackle any potential speaker management issues. What are some fundamental actions you can take to ensure each of your speakers has a smooth and enjoyable experience?

    1. Give speakers plenty of time to complete tasks

    Event speakers lead busy and complicated lives. Make sure you’re in touch early and often, giving speakers plenty of time to complete tasks such as presentation preparation, bio submission or providing promotional information.

    2. Set flexible deadlines

    Inevitably, deadlines are missed. Avoid hard deadlines to maintain a flexible, easy-going experience for your speakers.

    3. Maintain friendly contact/reminders for speakers

    Bookings are often made months in advance. Maintain regular contact to keep your event on speakers’ minds while underscoring your organization’s professionalism.

    4. Get any special requirements/requests prior to going on-site

    Anticipate special needs and requests early. Nothing is worse than a last-minute scramble to make reasonable accommodations. Accessibility issues, dietary restrictions and special considerations routinely pop up. Discovering these issues early provides the flexibility to plan accordingly, without the haste of immediacy.

    5. Confirm topics, rooms and any AV requirements

    Confirm, confirm, confirm. Double bookings or having the wrong AV equipment are common event problems. Confirm topics with speakers before publishing anything, and validate room names/AV requirements with on-site staff.

    6. Have the speaker promote their session

    Use your speaker’s social media presence to enhance promotion efforts. Not only does this help build a bigger audience, it also attracts the most engaged participants, who contribute to your event’s ultimate impact.

    7. Use event management software to keep things organized

    Technology makes organization easier. Event management software programs like Expo Logic’s Clipboard and Speak! allow easy real-time tracking of room reservations, speaker schedules, equipment needs and more.

    8. Staff Delegation

    For large shows, have one or more staff members focused solely on speaker’s tasks to be completed. Don’t expect to be able to handle all speaker deadlines yourself. Delegate!

    9. Obtain speaker notes if printing prior to session

    If a speaker sends you notes in advance of a presentation, never assume they will bring their own copy. Organize and compile all information that the speaker might need just in case they don’t have it.

    Following these steps will help ensure happy, effective speakers at your next large event or trade show, which will affect your entire event. What tips do you have to offer for managing event speakers or using event management software?

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