Tracking Event Attendance in Real-Time

Attendance tracking helps you know who made it to your event, and it can do much more. Harnessing attendance data allows you to understand your audience and event advantages better. Regardless of your conference or event’s size, type or budget, you can use numerous options to track event attendance in real-time for data collection.

Benefits of tracking event attendance in real-time

Real-time attendance tracking helps you learn more about your event’s success and apply that insight to future plans. The data collected through any attendance tracking method provides several benefits, including:

  • Evaluation of marketing effectiveness: Simply sending an invite doesn’t guarantee attendance, so you probably invested in marketing to help get the word out and increase interest. Tracking audience count helps you know how well those efforts worked and how to market future events.
  • Estimated return on investment (ROI): If you’re hosting an event, you likely put some money into it. That means you’ll want to see a profit — but how do you know you earned more than what you put in? An attendance tracker will give you insight into how many people came to your event and how that number compares to your anticipated audience.
  • Enhancing event security: Attendance tracking methods allow you to meet safety and compliance requirements. This step has an additional benefit, as it ensures that only invited guests are allowed to enter.
  • Several data points: Depending on the type of attendance tracking, you can gather numerous data.This information includes how many people came to the event, how long they stayed and what sessions they attended.
  • Meeting your targets: If your event is mandatory, you need to confirm that everyone who was supposed to attend did so. Attendance tracking lets you know whether 100% of your audience made it to the event and who was absent.

Get the most out of your event data!

Utilize this free checklist template to help you analyze your results, get post-marketing ideas, and prepare for your next event.

How to keep track of attendance in real-time at an event

You can track event attendance in real-time using multiple methods. Whether you want to know how many people entered the venue or or want more specific data about their activities, a real-time tracking method is suitable for you. Some of the most effective ways to collect this information include:

Staff check-In

You can do in-person check-in using staff members, which is the most common version of the process. Your team will tally their presence as each individual comes through the line.

Generally speaking, staff member sign-ins present accurate data. This strategy also helps your team only admit registered people to the venue.  However, this method requires you to assign staff to the check-in area, which can be slower than other methods.

Clicker counters

You could use clicker counters if you’re tight on funds or already have some from a previous event. These tools have been staples at large events for years. All you need is somebody who can press the button for every person who enters your event.

Clicker counters are quick and require almost no prior experience to use. That said, it’s important to remember that if you want real-time data about your attendees, these devices will not give it to you.

Develop a contactless event check-in process with Expo Logic

At Expo Logic, we provide contactless event tracking solutions that take away the stress of other methods. Our attendee tracking technology has several benefits, including:

  • Speed: Make it easy for your attendees to check in or out by scanning their barcode. This quick, self-serve process prevents long lines.
  • Interactive app: Our attendee tracking technology works with an interactive mobile app called TrackPod. Whether you download it onto staff phones or our purpose-built devices, you’ll have a scanner in your hand.
    • Verify attendees: You can use our technology to provide access to your event or different sessions. Override access on the spot to attendees you want to admit.
    • Scanning: Our technology eliminates manually tallying the attendance for different events or sessions. Attendees can self-scan their badges and give you all the data you need.

Whether you need to see what sessions guests attend or award them for staying for a mandatory event, Expo Logic will help you get there.

Enhance your real-time event check-in with Expo Logic today!

Are you ready to get more insights from your next event? Expo Logic contactless attendee tracking technology has the right tools and features to get you started. If you want to learn more about our products, please contact us online today.

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