Registration made easy with trade show name badges

Expo Logic Team

February 14, 2013

    Expo Logic is excited to announce our newest relationship – our partnership with TMA Resources!

    Expo Logic and TMA Resources have partnered up to make registration and badge printing for trade shows and conferences as easy as can be. Using Expo Logic’s badge[on]demand product and Personify, you now have the ability to print name badges directly out of a registration record, and let your event attendees use self check-in services on-site.

    Here’s how it works:

    You handle your registration within Personify. From the regular order screen, open the desired order and choose the task “Print Expo Logic Badge” from the column on the left.

    (Shown below)

    badge on demand

    Clicking Print Expo Logic Badge will open a new window, showing the badge you are printing along with the amount of times that badge has been printed, and any tickets attached to that person’s order.

    (Shown below)

    badge on demand
    From here, simply click Print, which will then give you a print preview of that badge.

    (Shown Below)

    badge on demand

    If all the information looks correct, click Print one final time, and that badge and any tickets will Print out. (Want to skip a step? Clicking “Quick Print Expo Logic badge” will take you directly to the print preview screen.)

    How does self check-in work?

    Attendees will receive a confirmation email, which includes a QR code. They can print that confirmation email, or render it from a cell phone, and walk up to a self service station and scan it. (There is also a look up option for those who forgot their QR code.)

    Once a person scans their QR code or looks up my last name, badge[on]demand does a call to Personify, checks that it is a valid registration record, and Personify returns all the badges and tickets in their order. (You also have the option of including a stub showing which ribbons that attendee gets.)

    Sample of self check-in stations on-site are shown below.

    ExpressPass Check-in
    The best part?

    Badge[on]demand keeps everything in real-time within Personify – any last minute changes or on-site registrations are updated once the change is made.

    In addition…

    Barcoded badges and tickets at your show create the opportunity for lead retrieval for exhibitors. As attendee stops by a booth, the exhibitor can scan the barcode and get their contact information. Because we are hitting Personify directly and getting the information in real-time, the exhibitor benefits by getting live information. Using this badge[on]demand method, attendee contact information never becomes stale when a change occurs, as it would in other lead retrieval methods using a 2D barcode on the badge with static information.

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