Using Drones at Your Event

Expo Logic Team

July 5, 2017

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    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), more commonly known as drones, can be used for just about everything these days. From military operations to Amazon deliveries, and now even sold for entertainment use in your backyard, drones are showing up in the air in places you may not have expected.  Drones can even provide an added benefit to your event or tradeshow by bringing a new element of technology and excitement.

    How do you know if drones would be a good addition at your show? Consider these ideas when determining if drones are right for your event.

    • Give them a bird’s-eye view. Drones can be used to get interesting and unique photography shots, such as an aerial view of attendees during a keynote speech. This can help to boost social media attention, likes, and shares.
    • Show them around. Using a drone to fly through your event venue, offer a virtual tour of the event space to attendees so that they can familiarize themselves with the location before the event. Attendees will appreciate the added information and have a better idea of how to prepare for the event.
    • Go behind-the-scenes. Behind the scenes footage can be shot with a drone to give attendees a new perspective of your event. You can use drones to film the set-up of your event or 1,000s of attendees entering during registration & check-in.
    • Elevate your brand awareness. Attach your name to a drone throughout the event to keep your brand on the mind of attendees while also giving them something to talk about. You can even use drones to drop giveaways to attendees!

    If you think a drone might be just the right thing to take your event to the next level, remember to do your research before going all in.

    Rules and regulations for flying drones varies state to state and can be different when using a drone for commercial purposes.

    Consider if the drone will be used inside the event space or outdoors; if using the drone outside you will need to be sure the drone is registered in accordance with the FAA. If using inside, be sure to check with your venue to see what their policy is regarding drones since some hotels and convention halls limit use to certain areas and altitudes. Always remember to respect your attendees and their privacy. While drones are new and exciting, they can be disruptive or bothersome to some.

    With technology advancing every day, we could see the use of drones increasing at events and tradeshows in new ways. Utilizing drones for tasks such as delivery service to a booth, live-streaming keynote speakers, or even as personal guides to activities and sessions are just some of the ideas for the future. We’ll have to wait and see how this technology advances and continue to find new ways to put it to use at tradeshows and events!

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