Why More Events Are Using Beacon Technology

Expo Logic Team

May 25, 2018

    Wearable beacon technology is a new trend being used at events to track attendees and increase attendee engagement.

    Wearable beacons are small proximity beacons that can be attached to the attendees’ lanyard.

    These beacons send signals to “scanners” located throughout the event will triangulate the location of the beacon to track the attendee’s movements.

    beacon--event-attendee-tracking-small-expo-logicbeacon -hardware-size-badge-attendee tracking
    Left: Photo of a wearable beacon device; Right: Wearable beacon device attached to badge lanyard

    WERC Beacon badge
    Photo: Wearable beacon device attached to badge at Worldwide ERC conference

    Our client, Worldwide ERC, recently used wearable beacons at an event to track attendees and collect valuable session information. Wearable beacons were provided by our partner, Beaconex, and attached to the lanyard when each attendee received their badge at registration. Attendees were asked to return the beacon at the end of the event.

    WERC badge drop off
    Photo: Worldwide ERC used the collection bins in the photo above to encourage attendees to return their badge and wearable beacon device at the end of the event.

    Worldwide ERC used a giveaway to encourage individuals to return the beacon. For each person that returned the beacon with their name badge, they were entered in a drawing for a $100 gift card.

    If you still aren’t sure about using beacons, here are some of the benefits that wearable beacon technology can add to your next event. These benefits are not specific to Beaconex and are examples of benefits to using beacon technology in general.


    You already know that your attendees are interested in networking while at your event, so why not make it easy for them? Wearable beacons can be used to provide a mobile view of other attendees in the area or send an alert when a potential match is close by to help facilitate networking and create more meaningful connections for your attendees.

    Make networking even easier and display the attendee’s profile on the mobile app or provide the option for attendees to message one another to connect. Include gamification to increase networking and engagement with beacon technology and award points for connections made with other attendees. This will help encourage your attendees to meet one another while making it fun and exciting.


    Beacon Heatmap Even Tech Expo Logic - 700
    Photo: Heatmap from a conference showing total attendance, attendance by room, and other valuable data provided from wearable beacon technology.

    beacons session report attendee tracking expo logic- 700
    Photo: Sample of a session attendance report data using information from wearable beacon technology.

    Wearable beacons track the attendee journey throughout an entire event allowing show organizers the opportunity to collect and analyze this data and learn about different aspects of the event. Beacons can be used to create heat maps of your event and help measure traffic volumes. This information can be helpful to monitor registration lines and alleviate long wait times, help see what activities at your event are the most popular, and even identify sessions or activities that are not well attended and can be left out next year. Using filters in heat maps allows you to see behavior and activity based on attendee type.

    While the show organizer gains a wealth of information from wearable beacon technology, they also can use this to help keep their attendees up-to-date. Beacons provide real-time information allowing you to send out the most current and relevant alerts or updates to your attendees as needed.


    Use wearable beacons as a sponsorship or marketing opportunity. Since alerts can be sent based on location when using wearable beacons, offer sponsors or exhibitors the chance to purchase an alert inviting attendees to visit their booth when they are close by. This helps to increase event revenue and drive traffic to the exhibit floor.


    Sometimes your attendees need a little help navigating the event venue and the exhibit floor. Use wearable beacons to provide directions to attendees on your mobile app to help them get around without getting lost. With a larger event, use the information from wearable beacons to identify places that attendees have already visited to help them navigate the show floor.


    These are just some of the benefits to using beacons at your event. Beacon technology can add a positive impact and it is worth considering if this technology is right for you.

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