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Session Check-in

Added flexibility translates into safer event experiences.

With contactless session check-in options like TrackPod – which allows familiar self-check-in just like scanning a boarding pass – you can set attendees free from the chaos of long lines and overcrowding. Automatically track session capacities, verify attendance, manage access, and streamline session entrances and exits with self-service badge scans. Impress attendees by creating a safer and more modern onsite experience.


Provide easy self-check-in for event rooms.

Continue the contactless experience by allowing attendees to check themselves into gated rooms. Our TrackPod for desktop technology enables attendees to gain access to a restricted room without the help of a staff member.

Our designers will set up a unique barcode ID for every attendee’s badge when using our onsite event check-in technology. These barcodes will appear once an attendee prints their badge at one of our contactless Badge[On]Demand stations.

When an attendee encounters a room that requires them to verify their access, attendees can scan their barcode from their badge at one of our contactless TrackPod stations.

Now you can monitor attendees from your TrackPod portal without leaving your table.

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Receive real-time room reporting.

Our attendee tracking dashboard lets you observe when an attendee checked into a session or area, when they checked out, and how long they attended. You can access this information at any time to easily award credit after your event.

Reduce contact with attendees while gaining data.

Monitor when attendees check in and out from an online portal.


Create a safer experience with contactless attendee tracking.

Set capacity limits and restrict access by having attendees scan their badges using our TrackPod technology.

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Allow attendees to self-check-in

Verify attendees access without the contact.

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Let the scanning do your heavy lifting

Stop manually tallying attendance. Keep accurate records to provide credit after your event.

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Set capacity limits

Allow attendees to remain spread out to prevent overcrowding.

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Speed things up for attendees

Give attendees the gift of convenience at your next event. Cut waiting time in half by allowing attendees to simply scan their badges onsite for session check-in and check-out.

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Securely verify attendee details

Control and grant attendee access or override on the spot. Individually manage attendee access based on their sessions purchased, event role, ticket type, or other factors.

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Uncover powerful event data

Analyze room attendance and times to adjust for your next event.


Get more out of your event with attendee tracking.

  • Attendance verification
  • Award CE credit
  • Plan future sessions based on analytics
  • Access custom attendee metrics
  • Contactless check-in
  • Track heavily attended topics
  • Eliminate sign-in sheets
  • Track attendee behavior
  • Monitor event movement


Attendees are wowed by how fast and easy contactless check-in can be.

This past year, we introduced badge scanning to track education session attendance for continuing education credits. While making the transition from the old school punch forms to all electronic scanning was a bit scary, the team onsite made sure we were all comfortable with the process and helped address any questions we had. Introducing Expo Logic to our conference has been wonderful, and I wish we had made the changes sooner!”

Megan Moloney

National Pest Management Association

Modernize your attendee tracking.

Discover a better way to collect attendee data by scheduling a 1:1 call with a team member.