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Lead Retrieval

Maximum connection, minimum contact.

Contactless features equal stronger connections and more ROI. When you opt for an innovative lead retrieval that utilizes QR codes to streamline attendee data collection, exhibitors can focus on what really matters at the conference.

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Digitally accessible to your exhibitors.

Create more revenue opportunities by offering lead retrieval as part of your sponsorship package. Once provided with a license, exhibitors can instantly download our lead retrieval app, LeadPod Pro, in the app store to use from their own device.

To collect attendees’ contact information, exhibitors scan the badge barcodes, which Expo Logic’s Badge[On]Demand automatically adds to the attendee badges during onsite check-in.

When operating the lead retrieval app, exhibitors can scan an attendee’s badge from a short distance minimizing direct contact between exhibitor and attendee.


lead retrieval screenshot mobile
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See exhibitor’ ROI increase through real-time data.

Exhibitors can access leads in real-time directly from the LeadPod Pro mobile app. Follow up with a lead by calling, texting, or sending an email. Exhibitors also won’t lose track of their new connections because with this technology they can keep notes for each lead or add them directly to the lead record.

Exhibitors can even stay connected with a lead after gaining their information. Through the app, exhibitors can build custom surveys to qualify leads and create multiple surveys with different criteria.

View all collected lead information through our synced portal. Exhibitors will receive access to a password-protected online portal where they can view or download their lead information.

Gain more revenue while keeping exhibitors happy.

Our mobile lead retrieval app makes it easy to manage and initiate connections.


Deliver impressive lead retrieval technology.

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Easy to distribute

Don’t worry about having exhibitors pick up extra equipment onsite; access our lead retrieval through the app store.

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Create the ultimate sales experience

Exhibitors will want to repurchase your lead retrieval after seeing their leads soar.

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Keep contacts in one place

Create a seamless experience for your events from start to finish with Expo Logic’s all-in-one, end-to-end management platform.

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Instantly collect leads

Help your sponsors spend more time investing in conversations that matter and less time worrying about saving new leads.

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Provide more insights

Allow exhibitors to store notes from their meaningful connections to easily follow up with leads.

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Impress exhibitors with modern features

Show attendees you are keeping up with industry trends with our seamless software solutions.

Why Expo Logic

Get more out of your event with lead retrieval.

Create a seamless experience for your events from start to finish with Expo Logic’s all-in-one, end-to-end management solutions.

  • Mobile app and hand-held device options
  • Real-time registration data
  • Online leads portal
  • Add notes to scanned leads
  • Custom surveys
  • Follow-up with leads immediately


Seriously loved by our customers

Quite simply, we would not be able to organize the conference without the assistance of Expo Logic’s products and skilled personnel.”

Frank Zimone, Executive Director

Northwest Mutual Life Insurance

Give your exhibitors the ability to do more with their sponsorships.

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