Association of American Law Schools Case Study

“Expo Logic revolutionized our entire registration process and made it better.”

Each year, between 2,500 and 3,500 individuals attend the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Annual Meeting and badges must be provided for each attendee. Prior to using Expo Logic’s badge[on]demand™ services, AALS would go through the painful process of pre-printing badges before each event and handing them out to attendees on-site.

“Our staff was working late hours and every weekend printing badges and stuffing envelopes in the weeks leading up to the event. This caused considerable stress for the staff. We had to hire assistants to print badges and alleviate the staff. There was only one quality check for each badge and so many were printed incorrectly or placed in the wrong envelope,” says Erick Brown, Database and Registration Manager at AALS.

Printing and organizing badges wasn’t the only problem AALS faced.

Once we were on-site, people lined up and waited for up to 1.5 hours to get their conference badges. We knew we needed a different solution.
Erick Brown, Database and Registration Manager

Association of American Law Schools (AALS)

That’s when AALS turned to Expo Logic to improve its processes. AALS employed Expo Logic’s badge[on]demand integration and ExpressPass™ event badge printing services. This new integration with AALS’ database allows badges to be printed on-site, automatically, as attendees check into the event. ExpressPass self-check-in stations are placed at the entrance to the meeting which allows attendees to serve themselves. Using the stations, attendees can either scan their registration confirmation QR code (received in email prior to the event) or select their name on the screen. After this step, their badges print immediately in just a few seconds.

The effects of this change were felt immediately at the last AALS Annual Meeting. Lines were eliminated and attendee satisfaction increased.

“It has revolutionized our process and made the entire registration process better,” Erick says. “The ripple effects of a nice registration process can be felt throughout the meeting. People start off with a positive experience and are happier and more satisfied with the meeting overall.”

“Plus, our staff is happy. There is no need to work weekends anymore and we’ve saved weeks of staff time and expense.”

Simplify your event management.

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