The Independent Insurance Agents of Houston (IIAH)

The Independent Insurance Agents of Houston (IIAH)

IIAH Event Technology

Event technology saves time for staff and attendees by easily leveraging AMS data to streamline onsite check-in, floorplan, and exhibitor processes.

Our attendees loved it. Our staff loved it. But what I loved most was how it kept our account receivables down.”

David Wuthrich, Executive Director
The Independent Insurance Agents of Houston (IIAH)

The Independent Insurance Agents of Houston (IIAH) hosts a one-day insurance industry tradeshow, one of the largest in the country.  Expo Logic’s Badge[On]Demand allowed IIAH to save time for staff and attendees and GoExpo by Expo Logic provided a win-win solution for both staff and exhibitors with a more streamlined exhibitor and floorplan management process.


The small association staff at IIAH needed a better way to manage the manual tasks for both attendee badging and exhibitor management during their annual tradeshow, which has been consistently growing and selling out year after year.

In years prior, IIAH manually handled the printing and stuffing of badges, sorted and printed meal tickets, and  organized them in envelopes with printed labels. As this annual event grew, the small staff needed a more efficient method that would alleviate the burden of manual pre-conference duties. Given the increase in attendance, IIAH also hoped to eliminate long check-in lines for attendees. With over 130 exhibitors, the association staff struggled to manage the floor plan, sponsorship levels, registration, and directory while juggling frequent changes in spreadsheets and the printed floor plan.


During Community Brand’s Xperience conference, the attending IIAH staff were amazed at the onsite check-in process for attendees. No one had to wait in long lines and the entire registration and badge-printing process took seconds to complete. IIAH was ready to explore event technology options and after talking with Expo Logic staff onsite, IIAH discovered the cost would be similar to their current plan for pre-printed badges, badge holders, ribbons, tickets, envelopes, and labels — before factoring in the staff hours necessary for this monumental annual task. The biggest attraction was the way Badge[On]Demand integrated with YourMembership and brought over the different registration types and tickets for attendees.

Additionally, after describing their existing manual process for managing exhibitors to Expo Logic staff, IIAH learned about GoExpo’s ability to eliminate the printed floor plan and transition to an interactive digital floor plan with exhibitor listings managed more efficiently.


Expo Logic’s Badge[On]Demand allowed IIAH to save time for staff and attendees. GoExpo by Expo Logic provided a win-win solution for both staff and exhibitors with an interactive floor plan, easier way to manage exhibitor directory listings, and a streamlined exhibitor signup process.

With more attendees expected at the event than ever before, IIAH was relieved by the new automation leading up to the event. When attendees and exhibitors arrived at the event, they did not experience waiting in long lines or idling while staff sifted through registration packets for their tickets. The Expo Logic technology eliminated their need for ribbons and tickets, as Badge[On]Demand’s dynamic printing distinguished attendee types and even icons for meal tickets directly on the badge. Leadership was also impressed by the ability to keep receivables down. This was achieved by Badge[On]Demand’s integration and ability to recognize an outstanding balance at the time of the event, which would prohibit the badge printing until paid. Managing the exhibitor floor plan through GoExpo provided easier management of the daily changes that take place, as well as provided a smoother process for exhibitors signing up.

I love the interactive floor plan from GoExpo. Every morning the first things I opened up were GoExpo and YourMembership. I used to have a printed floor plan that I kept on my desk with a pencil and highlighter. Now I can update the floor plan immediately, easily obtain a directory, and exhibitors can now do more, which saves us time.”

Renee Stager, Sr. Managing Director
The Independent Insurance Agents of Houston (IIAH)

About IIAH

The Independent Insurance Agents of Houston (IIAH) is a nonprofit trade association of local Houston area independent insurance agencies and affiliate companies. Chartered by the State of Texas in 1924, it is the largest local independent insurance agent association in the U.S. IIAH is a volunteer-based organization with a full-time staff to serve its members through education, advocacy, networking and community service. With 10 working committees which comprise of 100 active volunteers, the Independent Insurance Agents of Houston is truly the voice of the Houston independent insurance agents. 







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