Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (NMLI)

“One of the best things about Expo Logic is their customer service”

Holding 9 major meetings a year ranging in size from 150-15,000 attendees, NMLI had an ongoing staff burden to manage registration and print badges in-house.

“We were spending hours pre-printing name badges and stuffing them into packets. Our staff was becoming overwhelmed with changes and corrections to name badges alone prior to each meeting,” says Stephanie Armbrust, Meetings Registration Coordinator for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance.

In addition to the staff burden, Stephanie says, “We were looking to enhance the attendee experience and make the check-in process easier and faster.”

That’s when NMLI turned to Expo Logic to improve their registration process. Using Expo Logic’s innovative badge[on]demand technology and registration services, NMLI was able to print badges on-site via Expo Logic’s automated check-in service, reduce check-in wait times and relieve staff of having to print badges before every show.

We have been able to reduce the number of contracted staff members we hire for both onsite at meetings as well as summer interns. We have also been able to avoid working late hours and weekends in the weeks leading up to our meetings, therefore major cost savings in employee overtime pay. We no longer have the need to double-check and double-check again – it’s incredible! In addition, making updates after registration has closed is no longer a 3-step process.
Stephanie Armbrust, Meetings Registration Coordinator

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance

Stephanie and the NMLI team also expressed their satisfaction with Expo Logic’s customer service and technical support. “One of the best things that makes Expo Logic standout is their customer service. Our Account Manager, Liz Gallagher, has been amazing to work with. Her attention to detail and follow-through has really put us at ease during meeting prep. We feel extremely confident in the equipment as well. There has never been an issue onsite with any Expo Logic equipment and they have shown us tips and tricks along the way so that we feel comfortable even when Expo Logic support members are not onsite with our team.“

NMLI has also added Expo Logic’s session scanning technology to track attendance in real-time at their events and receive advanced reporting on attendee enter/exit times. “We have been able to scan onsite more quickly than in the past and the data collected is in real-time which is what our clients need.”

When asked if NMLI would recommend Expo Logic to others, NMLI replied, “We are very happy with the Expo Logic partnership and would absolutely recommend them to others.”

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