On-Demand Webinar

Better planning = More sponsorships

An event planner's checklist for managing sponsors and exhibitors.

In this on-demand webinar, Marketing Director Michelle Schweitz gives her hot tips on planning and increasing sponsorships for your next in-person event. Discover what actions you should take to gain more revenue. Additionally, you'll learn what event management tools can help reduce your workload to create a better onsite event experience for your sponsors and exhibitors.

This webinar will help you:


Retain current sponsors for your next event

Obtain sponsor feedback to improve your offerings


Prepare your sales team in building sponsorship packages

Win back current sponsors and gain new ones


Discover how event management technology can reduce your workload

Understand how to alleviate pain points


Learn tips on creating the ultimate onsite experience

Keep your sponsor and exhibitors happy

About the speaker

Michelle Schweitz

Director of Marketing

Michelle Schweitz is a director of marketing for Community Brands. Since joining Community Brands in 2019, she has had the great opportunity to connect with thousands of associations of all different sizes. As an association advocate, she enjoys connecting associations with best practices to increase revenue, implement member marketing, and help support their membership growth through recruitment and retention strategies. Previously, she worked for a cybersecurity association for over six years overseeing all aspects of their annual conference, non-dues revenue programs, and member marketing, reaching over 140,000 members.

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