On-Demand Webinar

The results of Expo Logic’s ‘return to in-person events’ survey are in!

We’ve got the answers to event planners’ most burning questions. Join us as we run through the data to create better onsite experiences in 2023 and discover how your organization stacks up among others in the events industry.

In this webinar, we’ll cover: 


The final results of our survey!

Discover what hundreds of event planners shared on key questions about hosting 2023 events.


How event planners will be hosting their events.

Find out if in-person, virtual, or hybrid events are the most favorable.


What technology are event planners interested in for their events.

Pin down which leading technology event planners will be investing in for 2023.


Expectations for the events industry in 2023.

Gain a better understanding of where events stand in the upcoming year.

About the speaker

Tirrah Switzer

Senior Director of Product Marketing

Tirrah is a product marketing enthusiast, borderline obsessed with keeping up to date with technology trends and understanding the challenges associations face. Tirrah is the Senior Director of Product Marketing with Community Brands. She is the co-author of six research studies on member engagement and loyalty, association digital evolution, and the latest event technology trends.

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