Explore innovative tech that will transform the attendee & member experience.

Find out how you can elevate your event planning and management when you join Expo Logic with Nimble AMS.

In this guide, you’ll learn:


How to leverage Nimble AMS event registration technology.

Discover the selection of event registration and management solutions that Nimble AMS offers its customers.


How Expo Logic supercharges your event planning.

Learn how to take your onsite events to the next level with time and money-saving event technology solutions to enhance the member experience.


Data insights from Nimble AMS showcase key elements for event success.

Find out how Expo Logic’s analytics are integrated with Nimble AMS to gain deep insights into your member events.


How Expo Logic helps you make data driven decisions about your events.

Get a breakdown of how each Expo Logic event management solution helps event planners analyze post-event data to improve future events.

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