5 Benefits of Advance Event Registration

Expo Logic Team

December 13, 2012


    It’s every event planner’s dream to streamline their workload while growing their event’s numbers at the same time. This can be possible with advance event registration. Not only does Expo Logic’s Advance Registration System make signing up easy on your attendees, it gives organizers the real-time numbers they need to stay in the know while cutting down on pre-conference prep.

    Advance event registration benefits your conference or trade show in 5 main ways:

    • Less On-site Registrations: Since attendees can register online 24/7, they’ll likely choose this early-bird route rather than deal with last minute on-site lines.
    • Shorter Lines: Those lines are guaranteed to be shorter and move faster if attendees have everything they need to get down to business when they hit the venue doors.
    • Quicker Badge Printing: High volume production capabilities mean your attendees get their badges around their necks faster. With badge printing tools like our ExpressPass technology, attendees can print their badges themselves with just a few clicks at a kiosk. They can even use their smartphone or tablet to check in on their own. There’s no need to keep track of registration papers!
    • Better Registration Experience: Attendees get immediate registration confirmation and can register as an individual or a group with quick, secure credit card processing.
    • A More Complete Show List: With real-time duplicate checking and membership verification, planners can be confident in solid registration data. Love staying on top of the numbers game? Run reports based on statistical, financial or geographical data anytime, from anywhere.

    If you are interested in creating the best registration experience possible for your event, contact us to learn more about Expo Logic’s customizable advance registration systems.

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