8 Things to Love About EventReg

As an event professional constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline your event processes and enhance attendee experiences, you don’t want to sleep on Expo Logic’s Event Reg.  

With February right around the corner and Cupid getting ready to take aim, we decided to share the eight things to love about EventReg and highlight how these features can elevate your efforts.  

Get ready to fall for EventReg and its game-changing, comprehensive suite of features, specially designed to simplify and elevate the event registration process.  

Here, we reveal our favorite features about innovative online event registration software. We consider this our love letter to EventReg…  


No more frustrated attendees!

Create an effortless event registration experience with Expo Logic.


1: Group Registration: simplify the process for multiple registrations 

Event planning often involves managing group registrations, and EventReg excels in this area. With our software, you can effortlessly facilitate multiple registrations in a single transaction. This feature streamlines the process, saving time and ensuring a smooth experience for both organizers and attendees. 


2: Registration Options: personalize the user journey 

Tailor the event experience for each attendee by offering various registration types. EventReg allows you to personalize the user journey for a level of flexibility that ensures attendees can create a customized experience to align with their preferences. While this is beneficial to your attendees, it can also help event organizers increase ticket sales.  

Download our whitepaper: Revolutionize your ticket sales through online event registration.  

Learn about the following: 

How to streamline your online event registration. 

Strategies to measure your success. 

How to optimize registration. 

Improving the attendee experience.  


3: Attendee Portal: empower attendees with self-service 

Save valuable staff time by providing attendees with a self-service portal. The Attendee Portal allows participants to view their event confirmation, print receipts, update their profiles, access FAQs, and more. This not only enhances attendee satisfaction but also contributes to a more efficient event management process. 

Simplifying the event registration process requires software that is also mobile-friendly, allowing attendees to register on the go, right from their phones. A mobile responsive registration tool, like Event Reg, will be clearly accessible on a mobile device, with the information formatted to fit on the screen properly, without requiring too much scrolling and zooming.  


4: Design & Branding: keep your brand front and center 

Maintain a consistent brand identity throughout the event registration process. EventReg enables you to design and customize your registration page to match your brand, creating a cohesive and professional appearance that resonates with attendees. You can also customize your event badge designs, reinforcing the theme or brand of the event, which also reinforces that an event planner has devoted care and attention to every detail. 

Download our whitepaper: Transform the attendee experience with custom event badge designs.  


In it, you’ll discover:  

What to include on a custom event badge.  

What makes a custom badge stand out. 

Different badge design types. 

Benefits of on-demand badge printing. 


5: Marketing Questions: capture key attendee details 

Gather valuable insights for event planning and marketing by capturing key attendee details. EventReg facilitates the collection of crucial information that can be used to refine marketing strategies and enhance the overall event experience.  


6: Data and Analytics: real-time insights for informed decision-making 

Harness the power of real-time analytics and exportable reports with EventReg. Access actionable insights that empower you to make informed decisions, optimize event logistics, and continually improve future events based on attendee behavior and preferences. 


7: Event Inquiry Page: capture interest for future events 

Create an inquiry page to capture interest during and after your event. Engage with attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors, gathering valuable feedback and insights to improve future events and build a community of loyal participants. 


8: Confirmation with QR Codes: Streamlined Check-In Process 

Simplify the check-in process with confirmation emails featuring QR codes. Attendees can conveniently present their QR codes for quick and efficient entry, facilitating a smoother overall event experience by reducing wait times and eliminating any anxiety over misplaced or lost paper tickets. 

While QR codes are particularly useful for large events, like conferences, trade shows, and festivals, smaller events can also benefit, including workshops, seminars, and networking meetings. By relying on a user-friendly platform like EventReg, event organizers can increase their efficiency, appear more professional, and ease the registration process for attendees.  

Levering QR code technology for improved event registration with EventReg includes additional benefits, such as: 

  • Onsite hardware: Never worry about moving and installing printers on site; Expo Logic will provide the onsite hardware and any assistance needed to help you set up your optimal check-in process.  
  • Database compatibility: Our solution integrates easily with a variety of CRM and AMS databases for unparalleled adaptability, giving event planners the assurance and confidence to access registration information and print badges on demand, on site.  
  • Badge options: Generate customized badges to complement an event’s branding or theme, by choosing from plastic, poly, and direct thermal badges via EventReg’s Badge[On]Demand tool. 
  • Actionable insights: Take greater control of your event by accessing an immediate overview, updated in real-time of the event’s attendance, which allows you to make last minute changes as needed.   


Signed, sealed, delivered. 

As we wrap up our love letter to EventReg, remember, your event registration process introduces your event and we all know you don’t get a second chance at a great first impression. Rather than risk turning off attendees with a clunky or time consuming registration and event check-in process, EventReg gives you the chance to give attendees greater control of this step by scanning and printing their badges or tickets on demand.  

Expo Logic’s EventReg addresses the diverse needs of event professionals, starting with seamless group registrations to personalized user journeys and robust analytics, organizers are empowered to plan and execute successful exhibitions with ease, from beginning to end. 

Elevate your events, captivate your audience, and make every registration a seamless experience with EventReg.


Curious to learn more about EventReg and how it can simplify, while supporting your stronger event registration process?

Our team is always game to chat about simplifying event logics! It’s our love language.

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