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A smooth and effective event registration process is central to a successful event. 

Solutions like event registration software allow you to save time, increase efficiency, secure attendees, strike a strong first impression, and enhance your revenue. 

To access these benefits and more, you’ll need a reliable event registration system like Expo Logic.

With our EventReg solution, you can streamline your event registration process, provide a unique and satisfying experience for your attendees, and use real-time analytics to help ensure your event’s success. 

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Improve your event marketing strategy

Create more effective campaigns with event registration's attendee inquiry features.


Why Expo Logic?

If you’re looking for the best event registration software, look no further than Expo Logic. Our EventReg is designed to simplify the registration process for everyone, so both the staff and attendees can save time, energy, and stress. Moreover, a streamlined and easier registration process means you can boost your revenue and host more successful events in the future.

To enhance attendee satisfaction, Expo Logic also ensures a personalized registration experience by considering attendees’ interests and demographics. At the same time, your brand’s identity is highlighted on your registration page.

At Expo Logic, we also want you to make more informed decisions. That is why our online event registration software provides accurate registration data and metrics, real-time analytics, and accessible reports.

We also combine cutting-edge technology and resources. From online registration and onsite event check-in to attendee tracking and expo management, Expo Logic offers comprehensive event solutions and services perfect for your varying needs. You can easily integrate our event signup software into your existing systems, too.

With our decades of experience in providing the best event solutions and services, you can expect exceptional results. Our skilled and dedicated team is also equipped to give you excellent onsite support.



Expo Logic’s EventReg comes with different features that will let you and your attendees enjoy the event registration process and make everyone look forward to the experience.

Personalized registration experiences

The visitor experience begins with event registration. That’s why Expo Logic’s EventReg ensures a personalized registration experience for not only the attendees, but also the exhibitors and speakers. 

First, our event registration software allows you to create personalized registration forms. You can customize them depending on your guests’ demographics, areas of interest, registration history, and other priorities.

You won’t have to worry about requiring your attendees to complete long or irrelevant registration forms. Instead, you can be confident that you’re presenting fun, engaging, and suitable information requests from your audience. Moreover, you can create an event registration website design that matches your brand’s identity. This way, you can attract more visitors and get them excited about the event.

Our online event registration software also lets you provide custom email confirmations and messages. Apart from using the attendees’ names, you can tailor the confirmation or content according to their interests and previous behaviors. Your attendees will then feel valued , resulting in better engagement.

Multiple registration options

Our software also offers various registration options to enhance your attendees’ registration experience. You can use different ticket types with various pricing strategies. For example, you can offer general admission tickets and VIP tickets. You can also provide a one-day pass or a multi-day pass to let your attendees pick which days to attend.

Furthermore, you can extend early bird discounts to attract more guests. You can opt for multi-tiered pricing as well, wherein you offer tickets at different prices like $40 for the first 15 tickets, $55 for the 16th to 40th tickets, and $80 for the regular tickets. Whether you opt for bundle tickets, referral discounts, time-batch tickets, or other types of tickets, our event registration software has a wide range of registration options for you.

Mobile responsiveness

As more people from all age groups are accessing the internet through their mobile devices, it’s important to  ensure that your event registration is mobile-responsive. 

From the font and design to the layout and event information, you can easily create mobile-friendly registration forms with EventReg. In turn, your attendees can quickly and conveniently register anytime and from anywhere.

You can also keep the confirmation pages mobile-optimized. This gives your attendees easy access to important event details, includingmobile notifications in case of changes in venue or schedule.

Features overview

Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free event registration with Expo Logic’s innovative EventReg features, including:

  • Different ticket types and price tiers
  • Customizable emails and messages
  • Unique event registration site design and branding
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Real-time analytics and accurate reporting
  • Fast, safe, and convenient payment processing
  • Real-time membership verification
  • Easy integration for self-registration or badges


Utilizing a trusted event signup software like Expo Logic’s  EventReg lets you and your team leverage the following benefits:

  • Streamlined event registration process: EventReg simplifies the whole registration process, so you won’t have to spend so much time addressing questions or concerns.Improved attendee experience: By ensuring a quick, user-friendly, and personalized registration, our software enhances the visitor experience.
  • Increased revenue and less registration abandonment: Mobile-friendly registration forms, personalized emails, and secure payment processing allow you to reduce registration abandonment, which can result in higher sales and revenue.
  • Actionable insights with data and metrics: Our EventReg solution offers accurate registration data and real-time analytics. As a result, you can confidently make sound decisions that will contribute to the success of your current and future events.
  • Integration with existing systems: Expo Logic offers easy integration options, so you can maximize your existing systems and customize them based on your needs.     


Take your event to the next level with the right event registration software

The whole event registration process can be stressful and time-consuming for both staff and attendees. Fortunately, you can elevate your online registration process by taking advantage of Expo Logic’s EventReg solution. From real-time analytics, various ticket types, and customized email confirmations to mobile-optimized registration forms, secure credit card processing, and quick integration with your existing systems, the best event registration software has you covered.

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