Event Sign-in Sheets: 4 Reasons to Go Digital

Expo Logic

February 9, 2023

    Most businesses have experienced rapid changes during the past several years, and the event scene, in particular, has been through quite a few. What began as in-person events transformed into virtual events at the dawn of the pandemic. Later, when public spaces were reopened and gatherings were allowed again, events transformed again, switching to hybrid events. After going through an evolution, we understand what works and what doesn’t. Manual sign-in sheets at events, for example, need a revamp. Event sign-in sheets offer many limitations. Consider these four reasons why digital event signup is essential and how you can align your organization with the industry’s future. 


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    1. They miss people 

    When it comes to manual sign-ins at events, there’s bound to be someone who overlooks the registration booth and enters the event space without even signing in. Even if you have people manning the booth throughout the duration of the event, there’s still a high chance of missing out on important data. That’s why it’s best to switch to digital. 

    Digital check-in apps can help you track your attendees, manage guest lists, and even boost engagement. If your guests have other questions and concerns, they can use the check-in app to communicate with each other and get updates on the event itself. 

    What’s amazing about online check-in apps is that they offer a wide range of options for you to choose from. Here are two examples you can explore. 

    QR codes 

    When holding an event, it’s best to have an online portal where your guests can register ahead of time. After completing their registration, the portal can automatically give them a unique QR code which they can save on their phones and show to event staff for scanning on the day itself. 

    RFID name badges 

    On the other hand, if you plan on holding a large conference with influential people, you can implement what’s known as an RFID solution. This will help you keep track of all your participants and gain valuable insights into their experience during the event. 

    Having a digital check-in option is highly recommended especially if you have a large-scale event with over 1,000 attendees. Going digital can make the whole process extremely fast and convenient. 


    2. Event sign-in sheets get lost

    Another reason why manual sign-ins are no longer needed is that they tend to get lost. Especially if you’re dealing with a lot of paperwork, registration sheets can get mixed up with your other documents and, ultimately, get misplaced. 

    Because physical sign-in sheets seldom have back-ups, if you lose them, you also lose all the information you’ve collected. That said, if you want to protect your files and make sure that all data is safe and secure, there are many alternative solutions you can try. These are listed below. 

    Google event sign-in sheets 

    Google Sheets is a database program that can help you digitize your guest attendance records. All you need to do is create a template, share it with your registration team, and start collecting data. The Google Sheet is open to collaboration and it has the ability to automatically save any changes made in real-time. As such, you can rest assured that your data will remain intact. 


    3. They’re hard to read 

    Even if you manage to note down all the people attending your event and keep the sheet safe, you may still encounter the problem of deciphering the data that you have. Keep in mind that every person has different handwriting and uses different writing tools. So, even if you understand most of the information on the paper, you may have a hard time comprehending some of it. 

    When you rely on handwriting for the collection of your data, there’s a high chance of making a mistake. Perhaps you misunderstand their names, or maybe you overlook their email addresses. When these mistakes happen, you can miss out on valuable data that you can use to do your reports. As a result, you produce inaccurate records that may wrongly inform the insights for your event. 

    So, rather than subjecting yourself to the difficulties related to manual sign-ins at events, try to level up your game by switching to its digital counterpart. The benefits of doing so can include the following. 

    Reduce Paper Usage 

    One of the biggest benefits of moving online is that you save on paper and reduce your total waste. In doing so, you reduce your total cost and increase convenience and efficiency. 

    Customize Sign-in Experience 

    Another great advantage of using a digital registration system is that you can configure it to your unique needs and preferences. You can modify the required fields and choose a specific list of metrics you want to achieve. Doing so will help you get substantial insights that you can use to propel the success of your event. 

    Collect Clear and Accurate Data 

    Finally, you get clear and accurate information. You won’t need to wonder if you spelled the name correctly or obtained the right email address because with online software, all these details will automatically be collected. 


    4. They Create More Work 

    It comes as no surprise that opting for manual sign-ins requires manual work. This means that if you want to use paper and pen to register your guests individually, you need to hire a registration team to manage the whole registration process. So, not only will this option be time-consuming for everyone, but it will also create more work. 

    If you want to cut down on administrative work, you can invest in attendance software like Expo Logic to help you out. 

    We have all the services you need to make your event registration process more efficient, seamless, and streamlined. Our logistics solution gives you all the essential components to ensure that your guest sign-in goes as smoothly as possible. 


    We Offer Robust Solutions 

    We are your one-stop shop for all things event management. Through our technological equipment and expertise, we can give you the best solutions to answer all your major concerns. 

    We Guarantee Ease of Use 

    Unlike other software platforms that are complicated, we guarantee ease of use. We’ll streamline the whole process and ensure you know exactly what to do throughout the journey. 

    We Promote Customizability 

    We understand that every event is unique. That’s why we promote customizability. We’ll modify our services and give you options to meet your diverse needs. 

    We Provide Onsite Support 

    Should you have any concerns on the subject matter, our team of experts can guide you in any way we can. 

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