Advantages of Using Group Registration

When it comes to effective event management, seamless organization and efficient handling of attendees are paramount to the success of any gathering. This is where group registration proves particularly useful to event managers, especially those eager to alleviate administrative burdens and facilitate an easier registration experience for attendees.

Expo Logic is unparalleled when it comes to empowering event managers with solutions that feel almost effortless, while making a meaningful impact on the entire event experience. 

Let’s take a look at the advantages of implementing group registration into your event management strategy… 


Stop resending confirmation emails!

Allow attendees to make updates and download their event confirmation with the Attendee Portal.


Group registration made easy

In the pursuit of simplicity and accessibility, group registration is hard to beat. By integrating event management software, event managers can sidestep cumbersome registration processes and endless paperwork to simplify the event registration process for everyone

Thanks to innovative solutions like Expo Logic’s innovative EventReg tool, the process of group registration for events has been revolutionized, offering organizers and attendees alike a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Expo Logic improved our attendee experience and made the check-in process easier and faster. We have also been able to scan attendees into sessions more quickly than in the past and the data collected is in real-time, which is what our clients need. We are very happy with our Expo Logic partnership and would absolutely recommend them.” — Stephanie Armbrust, Meetings Registration Coordinator, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance


Why choose group registration for events?

Opting for group registration over individual registration for events offers several advantages that make it highly appealing to groups. Firstly, it simplifies the registration process by allowing all members to register together, saving time and effort for both organizers and attendees. Enhanced communication between group leaders and organizers ensures efficient coordination and dissemination of information. 

Additionally, group registration often leads to cost savings through discounts and streamlines logistics such as accommodations and scheduling. The cohesive experience fosters networking opportunities and camaraderie among attendees while providing organizers with comprehensive data insights for future planning. Overall, group registration not only improves the attendee experience but also offers scalability and growth opportunities for events.


The process of group registration

Here’s a step-by-step overview of how group registration typically works for participants:

1. Group leader initiation 

The process usually begins with a designated group leader or organizer taking the lead. This person will be responsible for initiating the group registration process on behalf of the entire group.

2. Selection of group registration option

 When registering for the event, the group leader selects the group registration option provided by the event organizer or registration platform.

3. Creation of group account

The group leader creates a group account or profile, entering basic information such as the group name, contact details, and possibly a group password or identifier for access control.

4. Adding group members

The group leader then adds individual members to the group account. This typically involves entering each member’s personal information, such as name, email address, and any other required details.

5. Managing attendee details

The group leader may have the option to edit or update attendee details as needed, ensuring accuracy and completeness before finalizing the registration.

6. Payment processing

Once all group members are added, the group leader proceeds to the payment stage. Depending on the platform, the group leader may make a single payment for the entire group or choose to split the payment among group members. With EventReg, organizers and attendees have the flexibility of features like varied ticket types and pricing tiers, supported by quick, convenient, and safe payment processing

7. Confirmation and communication

After payment is processed, all group members receive confirmation of their registration via email or other communication channels. The group leader may also receive a confirmation email with a summary of the group’s registration details.

8. Accessing event resources

Leading up to the event, group members may receive additional information, updates, and resources from the event organizer or registration platform. This could include event agendas, logistical details, and access instructions.

9. Event check-in

On the day of the event, group members typically check in using the group identifier provided during registration. This facilitates efficient entry and ensures that all members are accounted for. By using Expo Logic’s check-in, event managers are able to eliminate long lines, which is always a welcome sight for attendees, not to mention a more manageable scenario for event staff. 

This year, when our biggest rush came, the lines were only ever two people long. The wait to print their badges and collect their registration materials was extremely minimal and attendees noticed — in a good way. The onsite registration process was rated very well on our post-conference survey and worked seamlessly. We now want to use this for all of our clients.” — Emily Viles, Meetings Tech Coordinator, AMPED Association Management

By following these steps, participants can successfully register as a group for an event, enjoying the benefits of streamlined registration and enhanced group coordination. 

Check out the following pricing and package options that event managers can offer attendees in order to encourage more group registrations. 


Pricing and packages for group registrants

When registering as a group for an event, participants often have access to a variety of pricing options and packages tailored to accommodate different group sizes and needs. 

For example, some event managers might offer any of the following as a way to entice attendees to register as a group, and motivate them to register early!

Group rates

Event organizers frequently offer discounted rates for groups registering together. These group rates typically provide cost savings compared to individual registrations and incentivize larger group participation. The discount amount may vary depending on factors such as group size and early registration deadlines.

Tiered pricing

Some events may offer tiered pricing structures based on group size. Larger groups may qualify for deeper discounts or preferential rates compared to smaller groups. This encourages groups to invite more members and maximize their savings.

Bundled packages

Event organizers often provide bundled packages that include access to multiple event components or activities at a discounted price. These packages may include tickets to keynote sessions, workshops, networking events, and exclusive VIP experiences. Bundled packages offer convenience and value for groups looking to make the most of their event experience.

Customized options

In addition to standard pricing options, event organizers may offer customized pricing packages tailored to specific group requirements. This could involve negotiating special rates for groups with unique needs or preferences, such as corporate groups, educational institutions, or non-profit organizations.

“Early Bird” discounts

Groups registering early for the event may qualify for early bird discounts, which provide additional savings on registration fees. Early bird pricing incentivizes groups to register promptly, helping organizers gauge attendance and plan logistics more effectively.

Add-on services

Event registration platforms may offer add-on services or upgrades that groups can purchase to enhance their event experience. These could include premium seating options, access to exclusive networking sessions, or additional amenities such as catering packages or branded merchandise.

By offering a range of pricing options and packages, event organizers aim to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of groups attending their events, while also incentivizing group registration and early registration in order to maximize attendance.

Already game to get started with group registration?

Ultimately, the advantages of group registration at events cannot be overstated. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these perks, along with the other benefits of end-to-end event technology solutions, and invite you to contact us with questions about simplifying your event logistics.

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