Why Early Adopters Excel: Event Tech’s Potential

Tracy Scheib

August 17, 2023

    Remember the phrase, ‘If you’re not first, you’re last?’ Well, when it comes to hosting innovative events, you surely do not want to be ‘last’ aka outdated. With technology seeping into every industry, your events should not only be incorporating tech but on the forefront. That’s where being an ‘early tech adopter’ takes the spotlight. So, what does it mean to be an early tech adopter? First, let’s give background on the 5 types of adopters (based on Everett Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovations theory):  

    Innovators are the earliest adopters of new technologies. They are adventurous, risk-taking, and willing to experiment with novel solutions. 

    Early Adopters are quick to embrace new technologies. They have a keen understanding of the potential benefits and are influential in spreading adoption to the broader population.  

    The Early Majority adopt technologies after they have been proven by innovators and early adopters. They prefer to adopt technologies that are well-established and offer clear benefits. 

    The Late Majority adopt new technologies when they become a necessity. They are more cautious and tend to adopt technologies that have become mainstream and widely accepted.  

    Laggards are the last to adopt new technologies and prefer traditional methods. They only adopt it when they have no other choice or when the tech has become deeply ingrained in the norm.  

    Now that you understand these adopter categories, let’s dive into the early adopters and why this is a segment you’ll want to be a part of.  


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    I. The Power of Early Adoption in Event Technology 

    According to the 2023 Community Brands Events Trends Study, ‘three-quarters of event planners describe their organization as tech-forward’. Early adopters in the event industry stay ahead by integrating new technologies and strategies to offer experiences that stand out. By identifying trends early and prioritizing continuous learning, early adopters can help shape the future of a rapidly evolving event industry. Through innovation and technology, events can evolve, streamlining event management, engaging participants, and staying relevant in a dynamic and competitive landscape.


    II. The Benefits of Embracing New Event Technology 

    Investing in technology is good for business. As stated in the 2023 Community Brands Events Trends Study, ‘organizations that are early adopters of technology report stronger growth in almost every area of event execution’. A few benefits include the ability to:

    Enhance attendee experiences

    Interactive event apps with gamification elements encourage active participation, while personalized content delivery tailors information and sessions to individual preferences. Leveraging innovative tech solutions can help foster engagement, facilitate meaningful interactions, and leave attendees with lasting impressions, ultimately elevating the overall quality of the event experience. 

    Streamline event operations

    Increase efficiency by leveraging technology that will optimize various aspects of event planning and execution. Event management software automates tasks like registration and communication, reducing manual effort and improving workflows. With real-time communication capabilities you can ensure smoother operations and focus on delivering a seamless and enjoyable experience for attendees. 

    Make data-driven decisions

    Leverage data and analytics to make informed decisions and gain deeper insights for continuous event improvement. Use post-event surveys and feedback to enhance attendee satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.  


    III. Expo Logic’s Pioneering Event Technology Solutions 

    Expo Logic offers a range of cutting-edge event technology products and services that enhance the attendee experience and streamline event operations. Our event management software simplifies registration, scheduling, and communication, and our data-driven analytics help early adopters to make informed decisions. 

    Dive deeper into how Expo Logic’s tech solutions made a difference for these organizations: 

    National Shooting Sports Foundation/ConvExx: Using the GoExpo Exhibitor Management technology made it easy for the exhibitors to see the value of the enhancements, advertising and sponsorship opportunities as they purchased their booth space. The new sales flow increased revenue by 169% over the prior year. 

    Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (NMLI): Using Expo Logic’s innovative badge[on]demand technology and registration services, NMLI was able to print badges on-site via Expo Logic’s automated check-in service, reduce check-in wait times and relieve staff of having to print badges before every show. 


    IV. Navigating Challenges and Risks

    Embracing new event technology comes with challenges, like initial implementation hurdles, compatibility issues with existing systems, potential disruptions to the attendee experience, data security and privacy concerns, and the risk of investing in technology that might have a short lifecycle. Thorough research, planning, and proper training and support are essential to navigate these challenges effectively. 

    Expo Logic provides robust support for early adopters to overcome implementation hurdles and ensure successful technology adoption through: 

    Customization and flexibility

    Expo Logic tailors solutions to fit the unique needs of each event, providing customizable features and adapting the technology to your event goals. 

    Dedicated support teams and trainings

    Expo Logic assigns dedicated teams to guide clients through every phase of implementation and offer comprehensive training programs to ensure event staff and attendees are well-prepared. 

    Continuous monitoring

    Expo Logic continuously monitors the technology’s performance to swiftly address any issues that may arise and ensure a seamless experience for attendees and event organizers. 


    By addressing challenges, minimizing risks, and providing extensive support, Expo Logic empowers early adopters to confidently embrace new event technology and maximize its positive impact on their events. 


    V. Future-Proofing Your Events with Expo Logic 

    As stated in the 2023 Community Brands Events Trends Study, ‘event planners who rate their organization as an early adopter of technology are more likely to report growth in almost every area of event management and execution’. Expo Logic’s dedication to innovation and updates ensures that clients’ technology investments remain current and impactful, implementing updates that align with their long-term goals and visions. By prioritizing scalability and adaptability, clients can seamlessly integrate future innovations and updates without major disruptions. 

    With Expo Logic you can create a better plan for your future events. A few key solutions are: 

    Event registration

    This data can help you plan better marketing initiatives and timing for future events.  

    Attendee badging

    Track how many attendees have checked in for your event and lessen fraud by limiting the ability to re-print badges. 

    Attendee tracking

    Plan for future events by tracking what sessions were popular and ones that were not. This also helps track and manage data needed for continuing education issuance and accreditation.  

    With tailored support and robust solutions, Expo Logic empowers early adopters to leverage technology effectively, driving impactful and successful events. 


    VI. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    a. Why should I consider early adoption of event technology? 

    Early adoption of event technology provides a competitive edge, enhances attendee experiences through innovative features, and establishes you as an industry leader. According to the 2023 Community Brands Events Trends Study, ‘about half of event planners say their organization will invest more in event technology in the next 12 months’.

    b. How can Expo Logic’s event tech solutions enhance attendee experiences? 

    Having a simple and user-friendly online event registration process will provide a good first impression to your attendees, and better reporting from your events will help you better plan for your future events. 

    c. What risks should I be aware of when adopting new event technology? 

    Potential risks include implementation challenges, compatibility issues with existing systems, potential disruptions to the attendee experience, data security and privacy concerns, and the risk of investing in technology that might not gain widespread acceptance. 

    d. How does Expo Logic support early adopters during implementation? 

    Expo Logic provides dedicated support teams. By offering expertise in integrating new technology, tailoring solutions, and addressing challenges, we can ensure a seamless transition.

    How does Expo Logic support early adopters during implementation?

    Expo Logic provides dedicated support teams. By offering expertise in integrating new technology, tailoring solutions, and addressing challenges, we can ensure a seamless transition.

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