How to Host Socially Distanced and Safe Events

Marilena De Niear

August 3, 2022

    While many people are vaccinated, planning events with social distancing and safety provides several benefits. COVID-19 is on many of your attendees’ minds, but safety measures protect them from other sicknesses. Holding safe events helps you build trust with your attendees.

    How to protect attendees during safe events

    Promote event safety through social distancing by taking precautions that reduce the risk of virus spread. You can:

    Host outdoor safe events

    One of the most effective ways to limit the spread of diseases like COVID-19 is to have your event in an outdoor venue. Being outside drastically reduces the likelihood of attendees contracting an illness. This measure can also give you more room to spread out across a courtyard, outdoor stage or park.

    If your event cannot occur outside due to weather or space, hold it in a venue with excellent ventilation. Some buildings have specialized air filters. Otherwise, you can use fans or open the windows to boost airflow.

    Limit the number of guests

    While you may want to host the largest event possible, more attendees equate to a higher likelihood of virus transmission. Cut the guest list to the people you need to attend and count everyone, including speakers, catering and venue employees to have safe events.

    While vaccines have allowed hosts to increase how many people can be indoors together, it’s for you to decide how many people you feel is safe

    If you host an event in a smaller room, 25 people or less might be ideal. You can usually invite more when holding your event in a large conference room at a hotel. Generally speaking, the fewer people attending your event, the safer it will be.

    Encourage safety measures

    Although most mask mandates are no longer in effect, you can require — or encourage — these safety measures. 

    You have the right to require masks for attendance. You could also make wearing a mask optional but remind guests of the benefits of these safety measures. Your team can also encourage hand hygiene by making washing or sanitization stations available onsite.

    You may want to avoid buffet-style meals or snacks if you offer food and drink options. Instead, opt for prepackaged goods that ensure only the person eating their food or opening their beverage touches it.

    You may also want to consider spacing chairs farther apart. Social distancing measures list 6 feet as adequate, so you should consider spacing seating or standing areas farther apart.


    Are you ready to go back to in-person events? 

    Give your attendees a safer experience with contactless technology.  


    Keep attendees informed

    As the pandemic wears on, you may notice some people with higher comfort levels than others in crowded spaces. Regardless of an individual’s personal choices, you can request that they wear masks and practice social distancing at conferences. However, it’s essential to communicate those guidelines before your guests arrive at the venue.

    If you plan to require masks, tell your audience ahead of time, so they know to bring one. The same rule applies to pre-event COVID-19 testing or vaccination. You can also provide more information about holding a low-contact event, helping guests know to refrain from unnecessary hugging or handshakes.

    Keeping attendees informed of your requirements for entry lets them prepare before arrival. This buffer prevents turning away unprepared or noncompliant guests and slowing the check-in process while someone looks for a mask.

    Since they are already aware, you can dedicate the day to your event rather than explaining all the safety precautions. Doing so keeps the focus on you and your event instead of COVID-19 guidelines. Plus, potential guests who are hesitant to attend may be more likely if they know your event will follow various safety protocols.

    Offer contactless event check-in

    Contactless check-in is another way to help increase social distancing and safety during an event. These measures reduce contact between individuals while speeding up the process. 

    Self-service allows guests to announce their arrival and gather badges without requiring additional staff. Let them scan a barcode to validate their ticket and be on their way with no other communication necessary.

    Contactless check-in areas provide numerous benefits, ranging from COVID-19-related precautions to data collection.

    Host a safe event with Expo Logic

    At Expo Logic, we understand the complexities of hosting in-person events while COVID-19 lingers. We've created solutions to help you hold a safe and socially distanced event in the best way possible. Whether you're part of an association, trade show or corporation, we're here to help. With contactless onsite event check-in and attendee tracking, Expo Logic has what it takes to let you host an informative and safe event

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