Save Time With Onsite Contactless Check-In

Marilena De Niear

June 1, 2022

    As anyone who has planned an event knows, time is a precious resource. Yet, time is too often in short supply. We’ve all experienced it at an in-person event. For instance, when attendees are eager to check in, get their welcome documents, and hustle to get a seat at the first session. Fortunately, as the technology supporting the events industry has evolved, time has become one of the elements slightly more within our control. 

    Contactless event technology is a proven game-changer for saving time for event hosts and attendees at in-person events. In particular, online event registration and onsite badge printing are just two of the contactless tools guaranteed to save time and money. Thus, allow us to share details about both of these strategies. Our blog can help you streamline time-saving operations at your next in-person event. 


    Contactless is key to a speedy check-in  

    These days, the idea of a contactless exchange or transaction practically equates to “safety.” Especially since we’ve encountered two years of pandemic protocols, including masking, sanitizing hands, and social distancing. Many people are hesitant to reenter the crowded world of conferences and special events.  

    Contactless event registration and contactless check-in can set the tone for your event. Thus, ensuring attendees’ safety and more efficient time management as they enter your event. Registering for an event online is simple enough. An online registration platform supports seamless communication before, during, and after an event. Moreover, customize your registration to be as simple or complex as possible while still representing your brand in every detail.  

    Furthermore, an event registration platform has plenty of options and integrations. In particular, this includes payments, customized tickets, notifications, scheduling, and discounts, to name a few. Registration information provides valuable insight into details about your attendees. For example, you can view their purchases and any referral sources that led them to your event in the first place. In addition, it is possible to connect and stay in contact with event attendees consistently in the days, weeks, and months leading up to the event. Moreover, the platform provides attendees with pertinent reminders, emails, and event updates.

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    Get Connected… Without Contact 

    Contactless check-in will set your event apart from others. Of course, in your attendees who may or may not be feeling apprehensive at the tail end of the pandemic. Thus, by allowing your attendees to access self-service kiosks where they can look up their registration information while keeping connected, you can demonstrate a commitment to their safety and the success of your event. For example, an attendee walks up to a self-service kiosk and within minutes, they can access all the required registration information needed to print their badge onsite! Easy breezy. 


    The Benefits of Onsite Badge Printing 

    In the past, the only option for creating event ID badges required printing them before the event’s start date. As a result, you had to pack heavy boxes full of badges, transport them to the event, and then unpack and organize them onsite. Moreover, a significant drawback of this process was that it limited how long event registration could remain active. Event hosts needed to close the event registration to print and produce the badges on time. Above all, the whole process was very cumbersome and costly.  

    Finally, onsite printing is available so event hosts or attendees can print their badges on the spot at the event. This is a powerful revolution of modern tech and is necessary as the world adjusts to a post-pandemic return to “normalcy.” 

    Another big draw of on-demand badges printed onsite at in-person events is their contactless nature. Therefore, attendees access their badges via an easily scannable barcode at self-service stations. In both cases, the benefits of onsite badge printing are numerous, so we’ll highlight a few in addition to the contactless features. 

    Keep event registration open and active longer 

    Assure attendees will get the correct badge promptly by providing on-demand badges at your next in-person event -regardless of when they register. Plus, on-demand badges allow for changes until the attendee is ready to print their badge. Editing these details allows for better networking and communication among attendees, hosts, and sponsors. Unlike ID badges in the past, which feature basic information, today’s event badges can include photos and social media handles. 

    Communication is made easier and more accurate 

    Not only is onsite badge printing ideal for tracking event attendance, but it also makes following up with “thank you” notes. In addition, it helps your team provide other forms of content to gain their interest in your organization. In fact, you’ll have all the pertinent contact information right at your fingertips. Moreover, onsite badge printing will seamlessly integrate with your existing event management software and save you time and additional expenses. 

    Expedite check-in times 

    Unlike the self-service kiosks that have become so popular at airports, onsite badge printing expedites the entire check-in process for attendees. Rather than wait in a long line to pick up an ID badge, event attendees can simply go to an available self-service station and print their own materials. It’s quick, easy, and complies with any ongoing COVID-19 protocols by eliminating lines and keeping everyone socially distanced. 

    It’s eco-friendly

    With on-demand badge printing, event hosts will not have to deal with the waste associated with incorrect or abandoned badges. Often, attendees make last-minute contact information changes that are all too familiar with pre-printed badges. This eco-friendly concept reduces material waste.  

    Self-service means fewer staff 

    Whether you can get away with fewer staff members or reassign them to different event tasks, onsite printing streamlines registration. Furthermore, it reduces the need for as many people on hand as once required to host a traditional in-person event. Naturally, fewer staff means money saved, too — an added bonus! 

    You’ll save time and money 

    In addition to potentially reducing the number of staff needed to work at your event, on-demand badge printing helps you cut down on expenses. On-Demand badge printing saves money by cutting down on the materials necessary to print the badges. Also, shipping materials and associated expenditures to have the badges delivered on time to registered attendees. 

    Contactless check-in is cutting-edge 

    By leveraging contactless event management tools like contactless, you automatically demonstrate your commitment to creating unique, cutting-edge in-person events. Click here to learn more about other technologies you can apply to your next event. 


    Don’t forget to elevate your next event. 

    Before planning your next in-person event, connect with our team and put our event expertise to work for you. Expo Logic can help provide you with contactless registration, contactless check-in, and onsite badge printing to make your next event even better. 

    Don’t just consider going contactless. 

    Decide to do things differently by taking advantage of our event management solutions. Start elevating your event and impressing your attendees and sponsors by learning how to plan an expo like a pro.  

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