Top 15 Contactless Event Technologies

Marilena De Niear

April 6, 2022

    The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the day-to-day landscape of modern living. Contactless transactions are becoming a standard expectation, from food delivery services to vacation stays. In fact, the hospitality industry has shown that guest preferences for contactless experiences are in high demand. Specifically, one study revealed that 80% of surveyed travelers preferred mobile software solutions that enabled contactless check-in and check-out services. And it’s not just hotels; you can see the same preference throughout every consumer industry. The event industry is no exception.

    It is no secret that in-person engagement surpasses virtual or hybrid counterparts. Learner engagement, comprehension and retention rates all benefit from live interactions. However, in such an unpredictable post-pandemic world, putting on a live event that can safely attract attendees can be difficult. Going contactless is a safe way to continue providing engaging in-person experiences while keeping attendees comfortable. But where do you start when planning a contactless event?  What event technology solutions can streamline your contactless processes? Here are 15 contactless event technologies designed to make your event safe, efficient, and convenient. Additionally, there are also software and solution examples for each type of event technology category. The categories include online registration, event check-in, event execution, and post-event data.

    Online Registration

    The first step to facilitating a contactless event is offering online registration. However, online registration is more nuanced than simply filling out a form and hitting ‘submit.’ Here are just a few examples of online registration tools to explore:

    1. Event communication methods

    Leading up to your event, you’ll want to keep attendees informed of all the exciting content.  This can include speaker and session announcements, exhibitor updates, travel information, and more. Be sure that your online registration platform enables email and SMS communications to keep registered attendees aware of all event information.


    2. Online payments

    To avoid the need for onsite payments, allow attendees to purchase tickets, merchandise and any upgrades online. A shopping cart option is the most convenient way to support multiple purchases for user convenience. This facilitates the contactless aspect of your event and will also generate additional revenue for your event.


    3. Digital tickets and ticket tiering

    Digital tickets can be as simple as an emailed confirmation number or as savvy as a QR code. But event technology offers much more than a one-size-fits-all ticket solution. Look into custom ticket types like basic, deluxe or premium options. Or a scheduled ticket tier system like discounted pre-orders that scale up in price as the event date approaches. Don’t forget discounts like group, military, or VIP options! Find a custom ticketing system that suits your organization’s unique needs.


    QR code


    Online Registration Tools to Try

    Expo Logic

    Expo Logic’s powerful in-person event software includes a robust event registration tool that seamlessly facilitates contactless check-in. This feature consists of a customizable event registration website, the ability to manage multiple ticket types, tracks registrant metrics, and more.

    Google Forms

    Google Forms is an excellent a la carte option. It supports simple event registration and tracking for events and learning courses. Furthermore, your registrant data will be available through an analytics dashboard for easy access.


    Configio’s dynamic event registration tool offers users a digital customized experience. Their software is user-friendly and convenient for both attendees and event planners.


    Online Event Registration


    Event Check-In

    Once attendees have their QR codes and digital tickets, their next step is arriving at the venue for check-in. Since check-in is your attendees’ first impression of your event, this step must be as smooth and convenient as possible. After all, the last thing you want to present to guests is long lines and confusing processes. There are several ways to provide contactless check-in processes to save your guests and staff members time and resources.


    4. Ticket scanning

    Perfect for pairing with QR and barcode tickets, ticket scanners are the ideal contactless solution for your event check-in strategy. You can place ticket scanners to provide a quick, interaction-free experience to reduce crowds and wait times throughout the venue. As a result, the use of ticket scanners also free up event staff to support any attendee’s needs.


    5. Badge printing

    Efficiently print dynamic ID badges onsite at your event with a badge printing solution. The main advantage of onsite printing is that it allows online registration to remain open to the event’s start while providing all attendees with a uniform, professional ID badge. Even though pre-printing badges may sound like a time-saver, but they require a “close” time for online registration and lead to cumbersome check-ins with longer wait times.

    Events Check-in

    6. Facial recognition

    Another check-in solution to offer attendees is facial recognition technology. Camera software can match images in the registration database and instantly print an ID badge. Alternatively, registrants can scan their barcode or QR code and confirm their identity with the facial recognition method.


    7. Mobile apps

    Streamline all your event check-in and event communication processes with an interactive mobile app. The check-in process is often full of questions from attendees. “Where do I check in?” and “where do I pick up my badge?” are all common inquiries. With mobile app technology, users will be able to access venue information and ask questions and get live support. Consequently, this helpful feature further eliminates unnecessary personal contact.


    Event Check-in Tools to Try


    For a tool that handles guest list management, seating arrangements, event check-in and more, try Zkipster. This platform can work for live, virtual and hybrid events.

    Social Table

    Additionally, this event check-in software by Social Table is an all-in-one cloud-based platform with custom features to suit your needs. This is a great tool for event planners looking for a hassle-free check-in process, no matter the size of the event.

    Webex Events

    Look to Webex Events’ (formerly Socio) event check-in app for in-person and hybrid events. Webex offers an all-in-one hardware and software solution that streamlines the entire registration and check-in process.

    Event Execution

    During your event, there are multiple ways to reduce person-to-person contact. Moreover, these strategies also conveniently streamline your event and will only enhance the overall experience. Manage traffic flows, reduce crowd confusion, enable safe distances and manage exhibitor booths with these event execution technologies.


    8. Digital floor plans

    Floor plan arrangements are vital for organizing a successful event. It provides aisle and traffic routes to reduce choke points and long lines, encouraging safe distancing between attendees. Therefore, a well-laid floor plan will streamline your contactless event.


    digital floor plan Expo Logic


    9. Assigned seating

    Like digital floor plans, an assigned seating plan will prevent attendees from wandering. Similarly, this will help with overcrowding particular venue areas.


    10. Communication methods

    Also, mid-event communication methods can be conducted contactless in several ways. For example, include mobile app notifications, emails, SMS messaging, and table QR codes containing scheduled or live content.


    11. Attendee tracking

    Leverage the full extent of your event management system to easily track session attendance and attendee engagement throughout your event. Thus you will not need to make direct contact with attendees.


    Track Attendance section


    12. Exhibitor management

    Furthermore, going contactless doesn’t just apply to your attendees! Easily manage exhibitor communications, assign or manage booth personnel and more with specialized event exhibitor technology.


    13. Lead retrieval

    Digital lead retrieval can go contactless through your event management software as well. Allow exhibitors to digitally capture vital lead information seamlessly through your event software solutions. This contactless process is convenient for both parties as it eliminates clunky business cards, reduces person-to-person contact time, and enhances your sponsors’ experience.




    Event management tools to try


    For an all-in-one approach to event execution that can plan, promote and power your event, look to Pathable’s event software platform. Furthermore, they serve virtual, hybrid and in-person events with tools to assist your attendee tracking, exhibitor management and lead retrieval needs.



    Meeting Play

    Similarly, Meeting Play’s mobile app supports attendee tracking, attendee communications and networking, as well as interactive audience engagement features that allow for contactless participation.

    Event Farm

    Additionally, this solution offers a suite of tools for event management. Event Farm partnered with CLEAR Health Pass to verify and confirm vaccination status and test results in response to the pandemic. As a result, this feature ensures that safety is at the forefront of your in-person event.


    Post-Event Data

    Following your event, you’ll have numerous reasons to remain in contact with your attendees. These range in marketing needs, analytics and reminders. Next are examples of post-event contactless technologies that you’ll want to implement after your event closes.


    14.   Attendee feedback

    Remain contactless and paperless by conducting your event feedback digitally through your event management software. Above all, analyzing this feedback is valuable to your organization’s future events.


    15.   Post-event communication

    Lastly, there are multiple reasons to communicate with attendees after your event has closed. Conduct these communications via your event technology system and encourage attendees to stay connected, network on your social platforms and build interest for future events.

    Post-event tools to try


    For example, this tool supports performance tracking, cross-event tracking, reporting, marketing and more. Thus, cover all your post-event communications, analytics and reporting contactless with Attendease’ simple-to-use software platform.


    In addition, MailChimp makes it easy to communicate with attendees after an event. With the ability to build your email list within their platform or use one of their many integration options, you can easily import attendee data. Moreover, you can continue to market, survey, and contact your attendees after your event.

    Survey Monkey

    Lastly, get event management survey software through Survey Monkey. Their platform contains easy-to-use templates for planning, surveys, reports and more. Its simple design makes it even easier and faster to get the analytics you need.

    Contactless events are here to stay

    From health precautions to user convenience, contactless event technology has good reason to remain an event industry standard. Not only does contactless technology facilitate faster, more efficient events, but the increased digital touchpoints provide countless data insights. Indeed, it is possible to leverage all the benefits of an in-person event yet extract the same level of comprehensive data as a virtual event.

    In addition to digitizing data, contactless events offer another essential benefit to your organization. Going contactless serves as a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to in-person events. By digitizing your event processes, you can reduce paper waste and your organization’s carbon footprint.

    Finally, contactless events provide a safe atmosphere for attendees to network and engage. Whether it’s COVID-19 or any other public health impact, a contactless event gives your attendees the freedom to participate while also keeping peace of mind. Therefore, by going contactless, your organization can promote its events as safe, convenient and sustainable through the help of these digital event technology solutions.

    In short, Expo Logic is proud to support many of these technologies, providing you with the tools needed to transform your next event. Moreover, go contactless with Expo Logic today and learn more about our ExpressPass, Badge[On]Demand, GoExpo, and online site registration services.

    Learn how you can apply contactless technology to your next event.

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