Top Technologies for Event Registration

Event registration is undeniably one of the most crucial aspects of event planning. It’s the first action event attendees take, and it helps event organizers set the tone for an event.

Without a reliable registration system, event organizers risk losing out on potential attendees, collecting incorrect data, and delivering an unsatisfactory event. Fortunately, event registration technology has evolved over the years and is now considered a cutting-edge tool that event managers really can’t do without.
Event registration technology has become even more crucial during and post-COVID when virtual and hybrid events have taken over the industry.

In her Forbes feature, “The Benefits Of Virtual Events And How Marketers Can Leverage Them,” Cathy Song Novelli writes, “The global virtual events market size could reach $504.76 billion and grow at a combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.7% between 2021 and 2028, according to a Research And Markets report (via Global Newswire).”

As a result, event registration software has had to evolve and refine in order to accommodate these demands.

Ultimately, the days of event organizers manually tracking event registrations are long gone. This is good news when you consider event technology’s potential to unlock better results than ever before experienced by event stakeholders.

Check out some specific benefits of top technologies for event registration that you can leverage to elevate your next event.


Improve your event marketing strategy

Create more effective campaigns with event registration's attendee inquiry features.


Benefits of event registration technology

Select features of event registration software allow event planners to create a smooth event experience not only for themselves but also for their attendees.

Here are some specific benefits of event registration technology:

Increased number of registrations

The right event registration technology can be highly engaging and make event registrations easier. As a result, you can increase registrations significantly and easier than ever before.

Increased efficiency

Event registration technology automates many processes, and you save time from manually organizing event data.

Data-driven event marketing

Using event registration technology, you can collect data and develop event marketing strategies tailored to your attendees’ interests.

Improved attendee experience

Event registration technology helps deliver a smooth event experience from the event registration process all the way to event engagement.

Increased event ROI

Event planners can save time and money by automating event registrations and other event-related processes, ultimately leading to increased event ROI.


Key features of event registration technology

The best technology for event registration has features that allow you to create a straightforward event registration process. It removes manual data entry, reducing your workload and event costs, such as staffing.
Without the need to manually manage event registration, you can redirect your focus and efforts on event promotion and planning.
Here are some features of event registration software to look out for:

Custom registration forms

The best registration form template depends on the event and its objectives. Customizable registration forms allow you to create event registration pages tailored to event goals.

Mobile responsiveness

Mobile event registration technology is a must-have as more and more event guests join remotely via smartphones. In fact, 95% of people in the US own a mobile phone and spend an average of more than 3.5 hours per day on their phones, so you’ll want to make sure your solution supports attendees who are eager to access event registration platforms and pages on their digital devices.

Ticketing options

It’s best to have event ticketing options to give event guests more flexibility. Ensure that your registrants can secure event tickets through secure payment options.

Analytics and measurability

Event registration technology helps event organizers measure performance and collect data on engagement. Analytics and measurability are critical aspects of event planning, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

Notifications and reminders

With event registration technology, you can easily send event notifications and reminders to event registrants. This feature helps you stay connected with event guests and ensure event success.


Top technologies for event registration

Event registration makes up a significant percentage of event management. You must choose event registration technology to help you efficiently manage event registrations and deliver quality event experiences.

Here are the top technologies for event registration that you should invest in:

Registration software

An excellent registration software offers customizable event registration forms, ticketing options, payment gateway integration, registration analytics, and data reporting. It streamlines everything related to registration!
Registration software allows event organizers to create pages online or on-site where interested guests can register, secure event tickets, and process payments.
Generally, this technology simplifies event registration by automating event workflows. It also gathers event registration data to make event planning manageable. Signing up becomes a breeze, and event guests enjoy the event experience even more.

Marketing platforms

Marketing platforms, such as event websites, apps, and landing pages, help event planners disseminate event details, including registration. It’s a powerful technology that can facilitate event registration in the most efficient way possible.
For example, event organizers can embed event registration forms on event websites and landing pages, enabling potential guests to register quickly. Having marketing platforms help you promote your event and convince people to attend. And whenever they’re ready to say yes to your event, event registration is always just a click away.

Engagement tools

Another vital aspect of event registration is engagement tools. These help event planners stay connected with event guests in real-time, by offering them the interactive event experience they’re looking for.
Engagement tools allow you to promote and track event registration in one place effectively. For example, you can post event registration forms on social media, where you can see how many people have seen it, clicked it, and registered.
Engagement tools support you in event marketing and registration. You understand your audience better, and you get to adjust your event planning, accordingly.

Diagramming software

Diagramming software is a technology for creating event floor plans, seating charts, and more. It helps you leverage maximum utilization of event spaces and avoid overcrowding.

An excellent way to use diagramming software is to create event maps so registrants can better understand event spaces. Seating charts are also helpful, giving event guests more options on how they want to enjoy event activities.

Event diagrams help you determine event capacities quickly, too! These can be a tremendous time saver. You provide your team and guests with a visual event context for event planning.

Overall, the right event registration technology provides individual features that work together to make event registration more efficient, revolutionizing and improving the entire registration process.

“The ripple effects of a nice registration process can be felt throughout the meeting. People start off with a positive experience and are happier and more satisfied with the meeting overall.” — Erik Brown, Database and Registration Manager of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS),


How to choose the right technology for your event

Generally, event registration technology is a good investment. However, not all event registration software serves every event the same way. Before you purchase any software, consider these three event aspects:

Event size

Your event registration technology must scale with event size. For example, you need software that can handle event data in bulk if you’re hosting a big event.


Make sure to get the best event registration software for your event budget. You don’t want to overspend on features you won’t use.

Specific needs

From event marketing platforms to diagramming software, event registration technology has many features. Choose the ones that are most suitable for your event needs.

When choosing the best technology for event registration, remember these tips:

  • Keep your event objectives in mind. Always go back to your event goals. Determine what event technologies will help you achieve them.
  • Learn from your past events. Utilize event data from past events. Identify event features that worked and those that didn’t.
  • Calculate your budget. Don’t be tempted by event registration software you can’t afford. Make sure to get the best event technology without breaking your event budget.
  • Know what others are using. Ask event professionals what event software they use and why. Talk to event experts who have been in the event management business for a long time and get their honest take on how event technology is empowering their efforts.

A wrap-up on why you need event registration technology

The events landscape is ever-evolving, and event registration technology has become a must-have for event planners who want to host successful events. Event registration software reduces event data complexity, cost, and planning time. It also supports event efficiency, improved attendee experience, and increased event ROI. Event planners must choose the event registration technology that best fits their event goals and budget. Research and test event software before deciding. The best technology for event registration depends on your event size, budget, and specific needs. Consider these aspects to make the best decision about integrating event technology into your event planning and management strategy. Need help? We’re happy to answer questions and provide additional guidance.

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