What is Expo Logic and what does it provide?

Whether small or large, planning an onsite event is an extensive task for any organization to tackle. Your goal is to host an event that pleases your attendees and sponsors that makes them want to return. There are many factors to ensure any event runs smoothly, before, during and after. As a result, utilizing an event management tool will save you time and keep your team organized.


What is Expo Logic?

Expo Logic is a collection of onsite event technology products that help event administrators and planners organize the basic logistics of their event. It includes products for online registration, onsite event check-in, attendee tracking and expo management.

What does Expo Logic provide?

These products can provide you with onsite badge printing, lead retrieval, floorplan management, exhibitor management and more.

Why does Expo Logic help?

We are here to make your in-person events easier than ever. Expo Logic creates a seamless experience with comprehensive event management products from a single partner. Our technology and services save you time and effort to host a successful event that will result in future registrations.

How has our brand evolved?

We’ve refreshed our brand to ensure that Expo Logic supplies you with the most innovative event management products! We kicked 2022 off with an exciting new site launch for Expo Logic. At Expo Logic, our experts continually enhance our in-person event technology to stay relevant to the current industry. Therefore, we want our message and implementation to be simple so you can start developing the ultimate event.


What Products Are Under the Expo Logic Umbrella?

Events can be complex. Each part of an event can present its challenges and areas that need attention. For this reason, we offer products for online registration, onsite event check-in, attendee tracking and expo management all within one solution. Our products can be used together or separately to help alleviate your event logistics. Keep reading to learn how each of these products can benefit your organization.


Online Registration

To start tracking attendees to your event, you will need a place where they can register. Setting up an online registration makes you look professional and coordinated. Furthermore, this process should be easy. Promote and sell event registrations with Expo Logic’s robust and configurable platform.

Create Custom Registration Websites

Expo Logic’s event registration software empowers you to personalize your site to fit your needs. Of course, you will want your registration page to match your brand so that your visitors know they are on a page they can trust. Our software creates a unified experience by tailoring your registration’s look and feel to fit your brand. Don’t worry about your level of design ability. Create your custom-branded event site using CSS or the drag and drop editor. Also, with over 50% of web browsing done on mobile devices, you have the option to build your registration using our mobile-responsive event websites.

Provide Individual and Group Registration

One challenge that makes registration difficult to juggle is ticket tiering and controlling content. Nevertheless, Expo Logic handles group registrations, member accounts, various discounts and more. Verify memberships in real-time for single-sign-on and membership discounts using most AMS and CRM systems. Thus, this customization creates a more significant impact while pulling in more revenue.

Collect Payments

We integrate e-commerce and payments using secure credit card processing within our platform. You can collect fees for multiple or custom ticket types and individual session registrations. You’ll be able to receive email confirmations through our automated notifications.

Expo Logic allows you to create different pricing for promos, group registration, discounting and more. Additionally, you can schedule tiered pricing. Many organizations encourage and increase initial attendance through early bird pricing.

Gain Registration Insights

During the registration phase of your event, you may want to look for ways to increase revenue and attendance. To make your event more prosperous, use registration data and metrics to help adjust. Expo Logic provides actionable insights into referral source tracking, promotion performance and more extensive purchase paths.

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Onsite Event Check-In

An attendee can have a negative experience before the event has officially begun by waiting at check-in. Long wait times can quickly deter an attendee from returning to your event. What can make an attendee’s experience even worse is if they are confused by what documents they need to provide. Your attendee may become discouraged, making it harder to change their point of view.

To make your event a success, you need to ensure your attendees remain happy during onsite event check-in. Reduce attendee check-in from minutes to seconds with Expo Logic’s ExpressPass and Badge[On]Demand event technology to improve the attendee experience.

Experience Instant Check-In With ExpressPass

Are you concerned about following health and safety practices for in-person events? Safely returning in-person is at the forefront of most of our minds. Currently, many event planners place this concern on top of their in-person checklist. ExpressPass enables attendees to walk up, scan and easily print their badges via a barcode. Therefore, contactless check-in helps your attendees have peace of mind.

Print in Real-Time With Badge[On]Demand

Another obstacle your organization may face is dedicating staff to pre-printing badges and registration setup. Never again spend hours looking up attendee registrations and sorting badges before arriving onsite. With Badge[On]Demand, print high-quality, color badges from your AMS, CRM or event management system in just seconds. After an attendee checks in onsite, their badges and event invitations will automatically print. Simple, self-service badge printing solutions can speed up the check-in process at your event. As a result, attendees will be amazed at how quick and straightforward it was to enter the event. Expo Logic reduces your staff’s workload by sending its experts to work with you onsite. Our team ships, sets up and monitors the equipment to support your check-in needs.

Get Real-Time Data

Expo Logic enables you to adjust your staffing needs after initial registration by monitoring attendee check-in volume in real-time. Access live reporting to see when attendees check-in across various days of your event by attendee type, location and more. Expo Logic integrates with other registration providers, including all major CRM and AMS databases, to give you ultimate flexibility.

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Attendee Tracking

During your internal post-event debriefs, you may discuss what sessions attracted attendees the most. Expo Logic’s attendee tracking software shows how many attendees joined each session and how long they stayed. Thus, helping you make informed decisions on what topics at your next event will be even more profitable.

Gate Attendee Access With TrackPod

Besides charging an entry ticket, you may require your attendees to purchase additional tickets to popular sessions or networking hours. Control and grant attendee access or override on the spot with Expo Logic’s, TrackPod. Leverage one of our dedicated devices, or use your own by downloading the mobile app.

View and Track Session Data

If you plan on awarding credits to attendees, you’ll need to verify that they stayed for the required time. Therefore, our tracking dashboard can provide import attendee metrics. Follow when attendees checked into a session or area, when they left and how long they attended.

Track Attendance section

Expo Management

Not only do you want to keep your attendees happy but your exhibitors as well. Your exhibitors may be one of your primary sources of revenue. Our platform helps you sell more sponsorships and upgrade existing sponsors with a single and straightforward experience. Expo management helps you communicate with exhibitors by sending email updates, setting reminders, creating and sharing show newsletters and more.

Utilize Floor Plan Management  

When designing an exhibitor hall, manage the exhibit layout and keep your booth assets and sales organized through our floor plan management platform, GoExpo. Create an interactive floor plan, manage exhibitor directory listings and automatically assign exhibitors to booths during registration. Floor plans also appear in the event mobile app to help attendees navigate the exhibit hall.

Increase your revenue from sponsorships by selling web banners, upgraded directory listings, e-newsletter advertising and more. Don’t worry about searching through your emails and having your staff track down payments. With this software, you can easily send invoices and view outstanding fees.

Increase ROI With Lead Retrieval  

Besides building brand awareness, your exhibitors’ other primary motivation to participate in your event is to gain leads. Exhibitors attend events in the hope of networking to gain more contacts for their sales team. Their goal is to increase their ROI from attending your event. For this reason, you can offer your exhibitors our lead retrieval options.

Often business cards get lost during travel, or attendees do not carry any on them. Lead retrieval solves these issues by digitally scanning contact information off an attendee’s badge using software on a handheld device. Furthermore, our services make managing leads simple. After the event, exhibitors can view or download their lead information through the synced password-protected online portal. Exhibitors can follow up with leads directly from the LeadPod Pro mobile app by calling, texting or emailing. This is one of the many reasons why in-person events are so beneficial.

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