How Event Technology Improves Onsite Experience

Marilena De Niear

December 7, 2022

    When planning an event, it is crucial to have an established set of tools. This will help you promote a positive onsite experience. One way to support a successful event is by ensuring it will run smoothly. 

    Event technology gives planners and venues a competitive advantage because it increases attendance and productivity. 

    As we embark on the holiday season, join us in celebrating how event technology can improve the onsite experience at your next event. 

    How does contactless technology make your attendees’ lives easier?

    Contactless technology won’t only make your life easier, but it will also make your attendees’ lives easier. Going contactless can provide you with…

    • A faster check-in process
    • Accelerated on-site registration processes
    • Shorter entry lines
    • Improved control over the total site and per-session capacity
    • One-of-a-kind data for each attendee
    • Extra security with “touchless” payments and check-ins

    Online event registration can actually result in increased revenue and decreased registration abandonment. It also makes it easy for people who may show up last minute to get a ticket and check-in quickly. 

    The goal of any event should be to operate as effectively as possible for both attendees and staff, which can all be made possible through event technology.


     Stay on top of the latest industry trend! 

    Set the tone of your event's safety by upgrading your check-in with contactless technology.  


    Simplify the event registration process for the onsite experience 

    Using event technology, you can easily collect and manage event registrations while also providing a user friendly platform for your attendees. The event registration process is kind of like a first impression at a job interview. It sets the stage for how the rest of the evening will go. 

    Tools like Expo Logic EventReg will empower your team by helping you kick-off an event with the best first impression. 

    Event technology also allows you to…

    1. Create a unique onsite experience 

    Design a personalized experience for attendees based on demographics and areas of interest. You can also keep it cohesive with your brand and match the registration page with your brand identity. 

    2. Offer an easy process for attendees and staff 

    Nothing is worse than a registration process that takes too much time. Simplify the flow of registration and decrease the margin of potential errors with Expo Logic EventReg.

    3. Make data-backed decisions 

    Using registration information and metrics that offer insight through reports and real-time analytics, you can better assess the success of your event. 

    4. Combine event technology and resources 

    By leveraging Expo Logic’s comprehensive offering of event solutions and services, as well as integration possibilities for your current systems, you can improve the attendee experience.


    A smooth check-in makes for an even smoother onsite experience

    Going to events used to mean having to stand in a dreadful line before getting in and getting down to business. It also used to include staff needing to highlight or check off every single attendee present. For small events this process could take a significant amount of time; imagine how long a big event could take just to get people through the door and to their session destinations. 

    Event technology features like digital badges bring attendee check-in from minutes to seconds–and you know every minute of an event counts! 

    A smooth check-in helps to:

    • Minimize (or completely avoid) chaos
    • Free up your staff
    • Leverage the best of contactless convenience (and safety) 

    Attendees can now skip the lines and manage self check-in upon arrival. Going mobile for your event check-in process can also allow for quick payments. It also makes it simple for individuals who come last minute and want to purchase a ticket at the door. 


    Get one-of-a-kind metrics per attendee

    Technology is also a great tool to track attendees throughout the event. This can allow you to get real time feedback and determine which speakers, sponsors, and other critical elements were best received by your audience. 

    Tracking attendees’ experiences can help you take advantage of more targeted ticket sales for subsequent events and make any adjustments that will ensure the next event is just as–if not more!–successful. You can use technology to securely verify attendee details, speed things up for attendees, and turn any device into a scanning tool. 

    Consequently, to better understand your attendees’ behaviors, you can monitor where they go during the event and how long they stay at certain sessions. This is a great way to isolate, with confidence, the most popular topics and content by attendee type or demographics.


    Expo management that drives revenue

    As the director of any event, you should always be looking for ways to cut staff hours. 

    It will save you money and also benefit your employees. With event technology, you can save your staff time, maximize revenue, and stay on track. 

    With Expo Logic’s LeadPod Pro and LeadKey, you will be provided with tools so you can level up your expo management. 

    Event technology like this, allows you to take on exhibit management like a pro, thanks to the following capabilities at your fingertips: 

    • Create an interactive floor plan
    • Sell sponsorships and upgrades
    • Communicate with attendees and exhibitors
    • Facilitate matchmaking and appointments
    • Access an exhibitor portal


    Event technology is one way to ensure every event is a success and drives revenue–because, after all, the purpose of any event is to make connections that will maximize ROI. 

    Speaking of… 

    Maximize exhibitor ROI with innovative lead retrieval solutions

    If someone is going to sponsor an event, odds are, they are hoping to reap a benefit from it. 

    They might assume that their company name will be branded everywhere, and they will leave the event having pulled in new business opportunities. 

    No one wants to sponsor something if they know they won’t get anything promising in return. 

    Make every event worthwhile for your sponsors by ensuring they meet good business leads. 

    One way to keep sponsors and exhibitors coming back to events is by providing them with advanced lead retrieval solutions that will help increase their opportunities and connections with attendees. 

    Bottom line: Technology is something that consumers expect to have access to now–even in post-Covid times. 

    Event technology

    In the past, the best anyone could do was have a sign-in sheet where individuals would write down their name and contact information. But, this wasn’t a fool proof system because there was room for errors when it came to spelling, legibility, etc. 

    Utilizing online softwares, like those offered by Expo Logic, can make the entire process much easier and far more efficient. All of the information that you need is displayed in a clear, accurate way.

    Not only does event technology help sponsors sort through specific attendees based on demographics, it can filter through and find their best possible leads. The team won’t waste time on people who wouldn’t even use their products or services in the first place. 

    Subsequently, sponsors can also spend more time focusing on giving their presentations without having to manage old-school lead retrieval options like swapping business cards.  

    Event technology also makes networking easier because you have fellow event stakeholders’ schedules right at your fingertips. You can see when they’re available and book a spot without having to go back and forth picking a date and time.


    Take your events to the next level!

    With all the competition in the event management space, trust Expo Logic's end-to-end solutions to take your event to the next level. If you’re struggling to find the right technology to make sure your next event is a huge success, request a demo with us today!

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