Are you setting up a large in-person conference or event for a corporation, association or trade show organization? Determining the best way to get people into the facility should be part of your planning efforts. Therefore, a smooth, seamless event check-in process can set a positive tone, make a favorable first impression and maximize the experience for attendees.  


How to speed up the event check-in process 

The following tips for speeding up event check-ins can make a meaningful difference to your attendees. 

Open multiple entrances 

Long lines and bottlenecks increase the wait time and create frustration for event attendees. Also, offering several entrance points enables you to spread out the crowds and improve the traffic flow. These access points should be far apart, preferably on different sides of the building. 

Consider adding a VIP entrance 

If you’re expecting a large crowd, you could give attendees the option to purchase a VIP ticket at a higher price.  Thus, these individuals will have access to a separate entrance with an expedited entry process. In addition, you can sweeten the deal by including amenities or door prizes exclusive to guests with these tickets.  

Bolster your staff 

Adding more personnel to assist with checking attendees in can make the process faster. Also, these workers can check tickets, guide the guests to registration and answer questions to eliminate confusion. If you’re using scannable tickets, they can use their mobile phones or a printed copy to check attendees in at various locations.  

Post signs 

Strategically placed signage can also speed up the check-in process. Use signs to clearly identify entrances and alert attendees to procedural steps like having their tickets ready to scan or preparing them for an identification, bag or container check. Your attendees will be better prepared when they reach the front of the line. 

Develop a process for unexpected guests 

If you’re allowing guests who did not RSVP to attend the event, you should have a system for processing them quickly and efficiently. If you intend to register these attendees on the fly, keep things moving by collecting only minimal information like names and email addresses and following up with them later. Additionally, establishing a separate entrance for these guests can also save time. 


Discover when you should be preparing your event check-in.

Inside you'll find helpful reminders of when to start implementing each aspect of your event as well as a copy of our checklist template.


Improved event check-in processes utilizing technology 

Technology can be an invaluable tool when speeding up the event check-in process.  

Self-check-in kiosks 

The same kiosks you see at airports, medical facilities and other locations are also available for event usage. They provide a self-directed experience that saves time and eliminates long lines. You can combine them with human check-in processes for attendees who are reluctant to use this technology. 

Paperless solutions 

These days, people are accustomed to downloading event tickets to their mobile devices and scanning them when they enter. Therefore, this process makes checking in faster and more efficient, and attendees can have fun or make connections without thinking about losing physical tickets. Thus, you also help the environment by using less paper.  

Offline scanning 

While scanning tickets online saves time, they can still take five to 10 seconds to process. Some ticketing platforms offer an offline mode that will automatically scan the ticket when it senses a device with a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. This method can reduce the processing time by several seconds, making a significant difference at large events.  

Event management software integration 

Another way to create a fast digital check-in experience is by integrating event management software into your existing check-in platform. This process will synchronize your event registration data with the event check-in software to speed up the process when attendees arrive.  


Contactless event check-in apps 

Concerns about COVID-19 transmissions have created the need for a touchless check-in experience at conferences and other large events. Thus, you can alleviate these concerns and possibly boost attendance by offering access to a contactless check-in app that people can download to their mobile devices.  

This state-of-the-art technology lets attendees avoid chaos and long lines by printing badges that provide fast, hassle-free access to the event without human intervention. Additionally, using the badges is as simple as walking up, scanning the badge and entering. Your attendees will have more peace of mind and be able to focus their attention on the presentations and activities.

Reach out to Expo Logic to learn more

Expo Logic offers an array of advanced technologies designed to assist with event planning, logistics, registration, check-in and more. Allow your attendees to go contactless at your next event through our ExpressPass and Badge[On]Demand solutions. Contactless check-in provides a smooth transition while keeping attendees safe. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make a great first impression at your events. You can also request a personalized product demo.

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