Take the Lead on the Lead Retrieval Process

Marilena De Niear

July 20, 2022

    Here’s the lowdown on lead retrieval: Your business needs it to thrive and continue making a profit. While there are plenty of ways to collect data on your leads, the trick is learning which type of lead retrieval makes a difference. (Hint: It’s contactless).  

    In this post, we take a quick look at how leverage leads to retrieval. In addition, we’ll introduce a better, more efficient (contactless) way of doing things.  

    Lead retrieval, as you know, isn’t a complicated process to understand. All lead retrieval involves collecting the information needed to communicate with a potential lead (client or customer) in the future. This communication often follows their initial interest in your goods or services and exists to help close the deal.  

    Simply enough, you can’t overstate lead retrieval. Lest we forget the words of author and salesman Zig Ziglar, “You are out of business if you don’t have a prospect.”  

    Like most things in business, the processes we take for granted often evolve overnight. For instance, remember the pre-pandemic days when it was perfectly acceptable to hand someone a foreign object out of your bag or wallet?  

    Times have changed… 


    Bidding “bye bye” to a lead retrieval relic: the business card 

    You may have seen and engaged in lead retrieval many times without realizing it. An excellent example of old-school lead retrieval can be something as simple (and arguably ineffective) as swapping business cards. 

    Sure, slipping a new acquaintance your business card at a conference might have made a difference at one point, but when was the last time you used your business card or shared it with someone else? Do you still have a business card? If so, is it current? Even so, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the business card is dead. Or, at least, most of us are acquainted with the traditional paper version. 

    Now, there are digital business cards, not to mention the proliferation of LinkedIn, where one professional can easily find another, especially following up after a meeting during a conference or event. 


    Digital lead retrieval is a safer method 

     Like so many other aspects of business — particularly event planning — COVID-19 redefined how much of what we do. An estimated 27 million business cards were printed globally every day before the pandemic. That tops seven billion business cards printed annually. 

    As social distancing ramped up, people were reluctant to handle items touched by other people. Soon, more and more people turned to other ways of sharing their contact information and communicating; ultimately, those ways are contactless. Now, contactless is a part of our collective comfort zone. 

     According to Jason Alvarez-Cohen, co-founder of Popl, a contact-sharing app based out of California, “Now we’re’ in this more contactless world. I think these systems will stay in place, even after we get out of this pandemic.” 

    Absent a crystal ball; it’s hard to say what a return to “normal” will look like regarding business procedures, including the seemingly mundane modes of sharing contact information. 

    However, it certainly seems clear that the future is contactless, which begs the question: Is your event set up for contactless lead retrieval? If your answer is no, here’s a follow-up: Can it afford not to be? 


    Contactless lead retrieval and why it’s something to celebrate 

    Listen, business cards aren’t all bad — but if there’s a better way of doing something for your business, why not explore it? Especially when it’s so easy and yields accurate results. 

    An app makes lead retrieval during events seamless, allowing users to access, save, and utilize critical data from potential customers.  

    Integrating a contactless lead retrieval app will give you more meaningful access to your event’s attendees. You will be in greater control of how to communicate and interact with them during and after the event.  

    You might even save money in the process as most lead retrieval apps are cost-efficient and quick concerning data processing; this means you can reconnect with even lukewarm leads. 


    Maximize connections with minimum contact. 

    Streamline attendee data collection by scanning event badges with our mobile app.  


    Contactless leads the way for lead retrieval 

    If speed and savings aren’t enough to sell you contactless event technology, consider the following benefits experienced by those who have invested in this cutting-edge solution: 

    Collaboration that is quick and easy 

    An event app is probably your team’s closest to sharing a brain. Cloud-based technology allows all team members to record and share notes on every lead, which reduces redundancies allowing for more precise pitches. Ultimately, your team will be able to personalize every interaction with each lead, which inspires more meaningful relationships, increased lead engagement, and better outcomes for your team. 

    Eliminate unnecessary equipment 

    This comes down to eliminating all lead retrieval equipment, except personal cell phones. Use any smartphone to scan an attendee’s QR code, and you’ll have all their pertinent data at your fingertips. 

    Accuracy is assured 

    Unlike in the days of old, event apps improve the quality of lead retention by increasing the accuracy of the information collected. Accurate data better targets lead, thereby enhancing business for boosted profits. As Dave Elkington, CEO and Founder of InsideSales.com, advised, “You have to generate revenue as efficiently as possible. And to do that, you must create a data-driven sales culture. Data trumps intuition.” Agreed! That’s why data accuracy is critical regarding qualified lead retrieval. 

    Use the app to your financial advantage 

    In other words, advertise in this specific space. Specifically, sell advertising space to your sponsors, who will also be eager to interact with your attendees via the app. Likely, they are willing to shell out for some dedicated space on the app where they can promote their product or service. 

    Boost your bottom line 

    Event apps created by companies like Expo Logic give event planners invaluable insight into attendee behavior, which they can then use to help inspire specific attendee action, like sales. 

    Impress your attendees 

    All event planners know that an event is only as good as the attendees’ experience. Providing attendees access to event apps like ours will enhance how they interact with the event schedule and sessions. Integrating an event app can also help attendees feel more in control of the experience. Co-founder of MarketBright, Eric Bower, knows that “Making your prospects feel like they have an exclusive membership in a club makes lead generation a positive customer experience.” And it’s fun! Expo Logic’s event management app also introduces fun virtual opportunities for attendee interaction, like gamification. When presented properly, gamification makes way for more authentic, meaningful, and memorable networking opportunities at your event.   

    Take a Look Expo Logic’s Lead Retrieval Capabilities

    Leverage lead retrieval that is more accurate and easily accessible by exploring the event planning software supported by Expo Logic’s award-winning platform. As your single partner for event management, we help associations, corporations, and trade shows reduce the amount of planning time and workforce required to host a successful event. We invite you to consider what contactless event technology can do for your next event. Contact our team when you’re ready to look further into contactless lead retrieval and realize more robust results.

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