Where to Host Better Event Check-Ins for Your Expos

Marilena De Niear

October 4, 2022

    Once upon a time, event check-ins were crowded, cluttered processes that left both event managers and attendees feeling frustrated. But … there’s a better way. 

    Long lines often quickly formed at a single check-in location and, given how far many attendees had traveled, it’s no wonder some grew impatient waiting in yet another queue. 

    Of course, this is completely predictable, given research suggests that the average individual spends up to six months of their lives waiting in line — whether to make a purchase or access transportation. 

    When you think about it, your event check-in is the first impression your attendees get of your event and, as the saying goes, you only get one shot. 

    Fortunately, technology now makes it possible to host event check-ins from just about anywhere. 

    Discover how expo management software makes sourcing unique places to check-in to events simple and seamless, while saving your attendees time — along with everyone’s sanity in the process. 


    Elevate your expo with event tech 

    Expo management software delivers contactless and digital features that streamline your event check-ins, making them easily accessible almost anywhere you can imagine. 

    This means no lines at your expo check-in — or, at the very least, remarkably short ones. 

    More importantly, it means an empowered attendee base who will immediately feel impressed and supported by your expo before they’ve even attended their first event. 

    Remember, for many this will be the first event they’ve attended since before the 2020 COVID-19 shut down. 

    According to IACC’s annual Meeting Room of the Future Barometer 2022, “Respondents globally reported that 2023 would be the first year to surpass 2019 meetings and business events revenue levels.” 

    Encouraging news, certainly; however, as we continue to anticipate what hosting events looks like in a post-pandemic world, we must remain mindful about public health and safety. 

    Leveraging contactless and digital features supports a healthier expo environment by eliminating exposure to common surfaces and high-traffic areas. 


    Discover when you should be preparing your event check-in.

    Inside you'll find helpful reminders of when to start implementing each aspect of your event as well as a copy of our checklist template.


    Event check-in alternatives for your attendees

    As an event manager, you want to create the most positive expo experience for your attendees. 

    With expo management software, it’s now easier than ever to facilitate an enhanced in-person event experience from start to finish, thanks to critical contactless and digital features. 

    Help your attendees save time checking in to your event for an enhanced in-person event experience overall. 

    Let’s check out a few scenarios that illustrate where you can host event check-ins for your expos and why doing so makes a difference for your attendees. 


    Event check-in alternative #1: The airport

    Following the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic crises experienced around the globe, travel, particularly air travel, has remained unpredictable at best and downright aggravating, if not impossible, at worst. 

    And no wonder, given that the number of passengers on commercial flights has jumped by 607% since May 2020. With a spike like that, there’s bound to be delayed.

    If your attendees are traveling to your event by air, they are more than likely to encounter a few frustrations — between those delays, staffing shortages and even those factors outside of our control, like the weather. 

    The good news is that you can put event logistics well within their grasp, thanks to expo management software that supports contactless and digital features like online event registration

    While they’re waiting at the gate, airport bar or cafe, they can at least manage their event materials from their personal device. 

    Whether it’s a group registration, member account, or discounted tickets, online event registration makes individual and group registrations simple. 

    In fact, attendees can even review the expo hall layout and take a virtual walk around the floorplan, which can help them anticipate how they want to manage their days on-site. 

    Let’s not forget that more than 50% of web browsing is done on mobile devices. Providing the opportunity for attendees to register from their preferred personal device enhances their event experience — and makes your life easier in the process. 

    Just think of the money you could say on staffing at event check-in… not to mention the economic and environmental costs of materials like paper, ink, envelopes, lanyards, clipboards, etc.  


    Event check-in alternative #2: The hotel 

    On the topic of saving money, imagine how much your event will save in ink and associated printing capabilities by making it possible for attendees to register and print their badges to check in to your event. 

    Think of the event attendee being able to hit the snooze button on their phone once more, or linger over coffee in the hotel restaurant that much longer because they were able to print all the materials necessary to enter your event, on demand — and on their own time.

    Given the continued concerns regarding COVID-19 exposure, contactless check-in, like Expo Logic’s ExpressPass, allows attendees to simply scan and go, without touching a single shared surface… which also saves you on hand sanitizer.  

    Event check-in alternative #3: The pre-event party

    Whether your attendees are long-time colleagues or new faces eager to network, all pre-event parties, like kick-off happy hours, are ideal check-in opportunities for everyone.

    Imagine your attendees showing up at this pre-event party when one of them mentions something about checking in online… 

    The next thing you know, their colleagues are doing the same, and suddenly, everyone is comparing notes on which expo events they plan to attend and why. 

    While you’ve made check-in possible, what you’ve really done is engendered event engagement on a larger scale and even fostered professional networking in the process. Nicely done! 

    Seriously, while your attendees are enlisting those around them to save them seats at the next event, you’re positioning yourself to be able to track event attendance at all of your expo’s events and conferences. 

    By accessing detailed metrics specific to each attendee, you’ll not only have greater control over your sessions, you’ll be able to distribute CEUs based not only on attendance but the length of time an attendee stays during the session. 

    Ultimately, attendee tracking technology provides you with a deep dive into your event, including attendee behavior and the ability to scan and manage session attendance, along with engagement. 

    Just think of how you could leverage this data for your future event and expo planning! 


    Where’s the buy-in for event sponsors and exhibitors?

    By integrating expo management software, your attendees benefit from streamlined processes and significant time savings. 

    But what about your event sponsors and exhibitors

    While online event registration and on-demand badge printing will prove attractive options for them as well, the main metric will always be ROI. 

    You can maximize exhibitor ROI by integrating expo management software which allows you to provide your exhibitors and sponsors with advanced lead retrieval solutions

    By collecting leads quickly and easily, you can nurture more meaningful conversations and relationships between attendees and sponsors. With digitized lead collection, you’re giving sponsors and exhibitors precise access to actionable leads. 

    In fact, with expo management software, you can even enable sponsors to create custom surveys, thereby qualifying leads when they’re collected based on various criteria.


    Empower Your Expo with Contactless and Digital Features

    When you integrate expo management software into your event management efforts, you open up possibilities for your attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors that make a real impact on the overall event experience. Expo Logic provides contactless and digital features to support your expo and impress those involved and in attendance, including: Online event registration On-demand badge printing Attendee tracking and session management Advanced lead retrieval solutions Event technology like Expo Logic makes it possible for event organizers to meet today’s safety standards while enhancing the attendee experience. See how Expo Logic’s robust event logistics software can empower your upcoming expos. Start your contactless journey today.

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