Why Do Session Scanning?

Expo Logic Team

May 1, 2014

    You already know that Expo Logic’s lead retrieval solutions make capturing and managing your trade show leads a snap. A simple scan of an attendee’s badge is all it takes.

    Did you also know that trade show session attendance can be scanned and tracked as well?


    Tracking session attendance is a huge help in planning next year’s events. Some of the benefits include:

    • Measure session popularity
    • Understand your audience with deeper analysis using associated demographics
    • Award continuing education credits based on attendance
    • Automate CEU/CME/CPE certificate process
    • Provide the ability to survey the speakers as well as the sessions


    First, you’ll use a LeadKey Session Scanner to scan a session card that we provide. The card’s unique session ID identifies the session.


    Next, you’ll scan attendee badges as they enter the session. You can optionally scan both entry and exit, to track total session attendance time.


    Lastly, at the end of the show you’ll return the LeadKeys to an Expo Logic staff member.


    We provide as many LeadKey Session Scanners as you need, and the same LeadKey Session Scanner can be used to scan multiple sessions. Just scan a new session card and continue scanning badges.

    After the show, Expo Logic uploads the scanned data to a password protected leads portal, where you’ll gain access to view and export the data into an excel spreadsheet for your own records.


    Every year Expo Logic’s clients come up with new and useful ways to interpret their session attendance data. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

    • Transition the excel data into an executive report to plan for next year’s event.
    • Import the data into your internal association management system (AMS)
    • Cut the data into sections to build multiple reports – for example to measure the success of each speaker
    • Create surveys


    Contact us to talk about how session scanning can help maximize the success of your event – today and next year.

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