Recap: IAEE Expo! Expo! 2023

Drew Tokosch

December 4, 2023

    In this year’s Community Brands Event Trends Study*, Event Planners’ top priorities included increasing attendance, improving attendee engagement, building trust with attendees and the community, and boosting revenue. The Community Brands team was excited to share how our event technology solutions (Attendee Interactive, Core-Apps, Configio, Expo Logic, and TripBuilder Media) and newest features could help Event Planners exceed their goals during IAEE Expo! Expo! December 5-7 in Dallas, TX.   

    Exclusive opportunity   

    38% of Event Planners in the *Community Brands Event Trends Study, stated they want to invest more in event registration. Those who attended IAEE Expo! Expo!, joined us and learned more about Expo Logic’s new EventReg features for 2024!  

    If you’re not familiar with IAEE Expo! Expo!, we’ll give you a quick overview of what to expect and why this show is central to our marketing and outreach efforts with respect to our innovative and proven event technology solutions.  

    Moreover, we’ll illustrate ideal attendees for this show and what they expected to glean and gain from their attendance.  

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    Introducing IAEE Expo! Expo!   

    If you’ve never attended or heard of IAEE Expo! Expo!, consider this your introduction!  

    Exhibitions and events industry professionals attend this premier show to learn about the latest industry trends and technology, as well as network with professional peers. According to our recent 2023 Event Trends Study, 48% of Event Planners say their organization will invest more in event technology this year.   

    Why does this matter to you? 

    Lessons learned from fellow organizers and content provided from both inside and outside the industry will set you up for success in the coming years.  

    How does this benefit attendees? 

    With partners represented from all facets of the ecosystem and organizers spanning all marketplace verticals, the connections you will make at Expo! Expo! are unmatched in scope and value.  

    Why do event planners want event technology?  

    Not to answer a question with a question, but where do we begin?

    With our event solutions from Community Brands, we empower Event Planners to streamline every aspect of their events effortlessly. By providing you with the tools you need for your conferences from start to finish, you’re positioned to deliver more value to your attendees, sponsors, and organization to make your next event even better. 

    Discover your ultimate partner in creating unforgettable conference experiences and check out why early adopter of event tech excel and outshine their competition.   


    Create a bigger impact for your events right from the start.   

    Find out how online event registration can expedite and empower your marketing efforts.   


    How does Expo Logic streamline in-person events, and what does it offer?  

    Expo Logic is a proven solution that streamlines in-person events by providing exceptional online event registration, exhibitor management capabilities, and onsite check-in with actionable features like on-demand badging, attendee tracking, and lead retrieval.  

    Ultimately, these features culminate to represent the best of event technology that actually improves onsite experiences.

    For a comprehensive list of Expo Logic’s capabilities and how they can ensure your onsite event is a resounding success, take a peek at this onsite event technology checklist we’ve created to make your efforts that much easier.  

    EventReg’s newest features for 2024  

    Whether or not you’ve partnered with Expo Logic for your event management needs, attendees discovered how we’ve made changes to EventReg as we introduced its newest features for the new year.  

    In order to simplify your event registration, you need the reliable tools and the support of a responsive team (yours and ours).  

    By empowering your team with event registration software, you make it possible (and easy!) for them to create a seamless experience for all your registration types, which includes exhibitors and attendees registering all in one place in our comprehensive platform.  

    We were thrilled to offer an incredible opportunity to gain exclusive access to our live demos of EventReg’s 2024 features at our booth. These demos were unavailable to the public and could only be accessed by scheduling an appointment with our highly skilled team during IAEE Expo! Expo!



    While bullet points can’t replace the power of an actual demo, here’s a quick highlight of the current features that can elevate your event registration.   

    Ticket tiering  

    Create options to sell different types of tickets to boost revenue and increase your registration completion.  

    Custom branding  

    Match your event’s creative assets to your event registration platform with full customization possibilities.  

    Last minute sign-ups  

    Our team can provide a dedicated check-in for attendees to register when they arrive at your event.  

    Attendee portal  

    Save your staff time by having your attendees use this portal to get their event confirmation and make updates to their profile. 

    Marketing questions  

    Create options to sell different types of tickets to boost revenue and increase your registration completion.  

    Data and analytics  

    Keep track of who has registered and gather attendee details to help provide insights to your marketing teams. 


    Community Brands expo expo

    Discover our full suite of event technology solutions.

    We would much rather have the opportunity to show you these features and capabilities, rather than tell you. Discover for yourself and meet me and our team of experts, who are always happy to answer questions and help you envision how to effectively connect event technology into your existing marketing strategies.

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